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    Insulation under van floor, rockwool rigid boards

    Our minicell kits are very popular and fairly easy to install. We don't go with thick insulation (high R value) simply because it doesn't help. A van is not sitting on a foundation with dead air space so keeping the floor warm in cold is a loosing battle. The minicell system is comprised of...
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    Hodakaguy's 4x4 Sprinter Build

    Just scrolled through the build so far. Nice workmanship and impeccable attention to detail. Appreciate all the photos showing the Thinsulate SM600L. It has been a great product for us. Are you planning on any audio upgrades? All the best, Hein DIYvan 541 490 5098
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    Insulate underneath body?

    Thinsulate won't hold water (hydrophobic) and allows for some airflow so moisture will drain and then dry out. The NeverWet trick works amazingly well. You probably would want to spray any exposed steel wih Rustoleum truck bed coating spray or equivalent before installing Thinsulate. All the...
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    Insulate underneath body?

    We have used 3M Thinsulate AU4002-5 1" thick double scrim underneath the vehicle. Thinsulate is hydrophobic so wont absorb moisture. Another trick is to spray the exposed scrim with Rustoleum NeverWet so it repels water. Thinsulate is engineered to absorb noise in addition to providing a thermal...
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    Van CAD Programs? Any Feedback

    I used Pro/Engineer which is now Creo for our Sprinter build. Over 95% of the parts and components were CNC fabricated. Probably the most extensively CAD driven van design/build ever done. Onshape is pretty cool because it runs in the cloud via your browser. All the best, Hein DIYvan 541...
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    Nissan NV Quigley 4x4 build.

    Congratulations with your new van and project. Not a lot of NV builds out there and looks like you are making great progress. Your kitchen sink/electrical cabinet build is really nice work. Thank you for using our adapter to install the vent. We hope you will consider 3M Thinsulate for your...
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    Van floor tips, climate considerations?

    We are using Thinsulate(TM) AU4002-5 under floors. It is super easy to install. Roll it out then put your floor on it. We have used minicell foam for many years as well. Minicell is a little more supportive but Thinsulate(TM) is adequate and offers better noise reduction. We do recommend PVC...
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    Savana/ Express Van Builds

    Greetings Savana/Express enthusiasts. We are now able to produce vent adapters for the Savana/Express vans. Our adapters absorb the contours of the roof and provide a flat slightly elevated platform for the RV vent. We have been making these for other vans for some time. All the best, Hein
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    Insulation (thermal and sound) Suggestions?

    Thanks for the mention. (our contact info is at One issue we've seen with fiberglass is if it's not well contained then you'll be breathing it. Small fibers tend to shake loose from vibration and air currents (opening/closing doors) can blow/suck them out of the wall cavity and...
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    4x4 Van Resources

    Great resource thread! We provide 3M Thinsulate(TM) and other up-fitter parts and supplies to the custom van industry. We are both proud and fortunate to have many of the top DIY and professional van builders as our customers. All the best, Hein & Kim Impact, Inc. 541 490 5098
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    Parts for 2017 Titans

    Do like the features of the Pro4X but didn't want the lift. The truck we got has most of the creature features. We are enjoying it and looking at having our chrome grill surround and bumper color matched either with vinyl wrap or paint. Leaning towards getting new parts to have painted and then...
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    Parts for 2017 Titans

    We are also new 2017 Titan SL crew owners. Planning on getting the chrome grill and bumper wrapped or painted body color (gun metal). Then some black wheels but no lift or anything off-road planned. Got it mostly for towing the boat and highway cruising. But can't help modding stuff so who...
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    Van Compass Ford Transit Build - 1 TON 4x4 conversion

    Great Transit build and cool to see what you are coming up with. The FrostKing self adhesive foam duct insulation is a good alternative to Dynamat, etc. But it's not R3. Closed cell foam is typically about R3 per inch so with a product thickness of about 3/16" your not getting a lot of thermal...
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    New Sprinter 144" 4x4 owner. vapor barrier and insulation questions

    Congratulations with the new van! Most all vehicles have some design issues that leave us wondering. We used 3M Windoweld to seal the shopping cart trim clip holes from the inside. Thinsulate(TM) won't absorb moisture so water will run through and out the drains. Don't drill holes near the...
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    Critique my electrical diagram please

    Credit for the inverter->inverter/charger system goes to Dave Orton. He explains it and has a diagram here: The vehicle powered inverter provides 120V power while driving. This is used to heat water and air and also charge his house batteries via the...