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    Sold: National Luna Power Pack with Cables

    used for a couple of months. Stored since. this is the power pack plus cables. No Battery is included. 300 CAD. Pickup Vancouver Island.
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    AT Tacoma Habitat: Official Thread

    I know it's stated that these will fit the 2nd Gen Tacomas (LB) but would they also fit the 6' Frontiers (2005+) and Colorado/Canyons (2015+) or would you need a specific build for that? I ask because I de-tacomaed myself when the first of the two little ones arrived. They're bigger now and...
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    Mechanic said might as well replace the engine if the timing chain needs replacement

    From a quick google search the 3RZ-FEs are like the 22R/Es and they can suffer from guide wear. My old '89 with a 22R got treated to a new chain at 200K miles - it sounded like a diesel at idle prior to that so I was pretty lucky. It's not an overly long job - did it in my driveway in about 5 hrs
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    Post your Flip pac Torsion bar failure or success

    Truck:09 Tacoma Flippac: purchased new Oct 09 Torsion bar: shortly after the 1 year warranty expired - purchased new replacement from FRP
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    Little Leo's Overland Adventure to Baja and Back

    Stop at a pemex tomorrow and pick up the Guia Roja (Red Guide) - it's the map I used on my trips to mexico (mainland and baja) some years back. Enjoy the trip - you're making me want to take my little one (2-1/2 now) on an expedition next year!
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    New light expo/dd 2004 Forester

    I did run into an odd vibration problem on a '98 forester I had previously. After much troubleshooting (including balancing etc) it turned out to be the RF Axle - one of the CVs was bad - bad enough to cause a vibration at some speeds but not bad enough to click on turns. -a
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    Roof Top Tents on Smaller Vehicles

    I had an autohome columbus small on a honda accord sedan and a forester wagon with no problems. As mentioned previously, it's the dynamic vs static weight that's important to keep in mind.
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    Clutch slipping on my 2013 Tacoma

    I had an 09 2.7 5spd 4x4 with a flippac on it and in a heavy headwind the clutch started slipping. Badly. @ 60k km, (a little over 40k miles) No rough driving, stock tire size. I replaced the clutch at my cost (1400) and replaced the vehicle shortly thereafter. It might not help you to...
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    Honda Element right for me?

    I'm quite happy with my 03. The AWD is decent, don't get me wrong it's not a subaru or a proper 4x4 but in the snow it's fine. Fuel mileage isn't great but it is way better than my old double cab tacoma 4x4 (especially up here in canada with fuel now at 1.20/litre). Over the last 35k kms, the...
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    Sold: Engel MT 45

    Update: Sold Located in Ottawa, Canada and would prefer local-ish purchaser. Engel MT 45, Transit Case and slide lock - $1200 to replace taxes in. (Canadian side) In mint condition, test fit only to vehicle and vehicle has been sold with baby on the way. $800 OBO
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    New Ride: Subaru Forester

    I second Pedro - check your halfshafts first before considering swapping the driveshaft itself - I tried the driveshaft (and it wasn't cheap) and the vibration ended up being the front right half shaft (very inexpensive)
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    Flippac for Newer Tacoma

    mine was ordered for an 09 Tacoma 6' box and it's currently on an 89 toyota pickup with a 6' box. fit both - a little overhang on the 89 but not much.