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    New kid on the block! AWD Transit with composite camper AEONrv

    Have any of these been delivered to customers yet?
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    Ford F550 Cube Truck

    Interior photos here:
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    1995 Provan Tiger 4x4 Chevy 350 New Engine $55k

    Yeah these flippers are everywhere these days.
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    2015 All Terrain Warrior-Alpha Camper - For sale - $300,000.00 OBO

    This photo of your vehicle below suddenly makes a lot more sense now.
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    Total Composites Slide In Camper Kits

    It's probably been asked before, but can anyone tell me about the weight capacity in the bed area? For instance, Wolverine 8 has a full 60" overhang, so a queen size bed would fit. How much weight capacity can it hold? Is there any reason to worry? For instance... what if you had 1000# up...
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    2008 Ford F450 Lariat 4x4 and Host Camper $65,000

    It says 4x4 on the decal on the rear of the bed (photo 2). Although, I guess that doesn't mean it has 4x4 (someone could have added it) but... I think it's safe to assume it does :)
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    2000 F250 with stock 7.3L / 2020 OEV CampX #40

    I feel bad for people like this. Total delusional.
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    Sounds like FORD’s going to offer another engine choice for the Tremor

    The turbos on these modern 3.5's are so reliable. The new 5.0L's have a bunch of crap added to them, they aren't the same anymore.
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    *Sold* 2020 F450 DBL Design MRAP super single conversion 6100 miles - PRICE DROP100k

    That's nice. Really nice. What are those fenders on there? Who makes those?
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    2005 Dodge Ram 2500 with XP/Nimbl Camper $129,000 - low miles

    Nice setup! Wow, a 2012? Can't believe it has been a decade. That must be one of the very first units. It's nice to see that these are so well built that they are easily lasting a long time. GLWS.
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    ISO shiftpod tent

    You going to burning man? Seems like everyone at burning man uses these.
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    Finally!! Direct bolt 1 piece aluminum 20x11 super singles F450/F550

    Was there anything more on these wheels? Are you still selling them, is there a way to order them?