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  • Hi adio3x -- new forum seems to limit length of these posts. Doing sumthin' wrong I guess.

    Just now seeing your details on the Thule stuff! I'm good with $150 for the full kit, if it's still available.

    My place is right near Forest Park. Let me know time/place for transaction.

    Don m: 740.453.9188
    Hi neighbor --

    What is the width on the Thule crossbars?

    Regarding the Pioneer head unit -- I'm interested in that too, but a bit out of the loop on aftermarket in-dash nav. What did you mean about needing soldering for the GPS to work? Isn't that normally just a plug-in antenna puck for GPS?

    Thanks in advance,

    Richmond Heights -- Bellevue and Hwy 40
    Hey don, the Thules are 50"Lx1Hx1.25"W.

    2 years ago my navi stopped working. I never thought anything of it, as I used my iphone more than the headunit itself. Well after I put in a new Pioneer, I figured out why, 2 years ago I had a big crack in my windshield, I guess the installers didn't realize the wire harness and cut right through the mic & the gps puck wiring. I think both pieces are cheap to find.
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