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    new CRF250L enduro from Honda

    From experience with the CRF250L's sibling, the CBR250R, the engine should be very smooth. Mine is just getting broken in, at about 2000 miles (since August), but I have loved the powertrain so far. It will also have the advantage of getting CBR250R hard parts, like the high compression...
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    Apparently Honday is announcing a new adventure bike? Sorry I didn't reply sooner.
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    Apparently Honday is announcing a new adventure bike?

    Here I was thinking you were talking about the new CRF250 dualsport they announced a few weeks ago. (Shares the same motor as the CBR250- 70 mpg+)
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    Google Android software and hardware: Post here

    I'm loving "inventor publisher viewer". I'm just hoping a bunch of manufacturers get on board, I would love to be able to check the routing of a serpentine belt if I have to replace one in a pinch on an unfamiliar vehicle, or see the order of bearings and spacers when working on an axle.
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    Find a waterproof pant for myself

    From what I have seen of TADgear's Shark-skin and Rhino-skin fabrics (softshell) I would say look at a pair of their Force10s. Kinda expensive($175), but if their jackets are any indication, well worth the price. I have worn my Spectre (Sharkskin) in very hard rain, while riding my bike and...
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    Softshell suggestions?

    For posterity's sake, and I know it has been a while since anyone posted in this thread. I just want to throw my vote behind TAD. I have a Spectre LRPv2 (Last fall model) and it is awesome. I grabbed it up for a heavy-duty cold weather jacket (doesn't get below 20*F here) for when I have to...
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    Inspire me with R50 Pathfinders

    Maybe something to do with battery location?
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    Xterra question

    We have owned a 2001 since it was new and we love it. Granted, it's only a 2wd model with the 3.3l, but it has held up well. The drivetrain has been flawless. We are close to 200,000 miles currently and it is going strong. The only recurrent problems have been window motors, though Nissan has...
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    Inspire me with R50 Pathfinders

    Got it. Why the placement though? Seems like making a whip like on the old CUCVs where it bends over the length of the car would be less likely to hang on things and would give a larger surface area.
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    Inspire me with R50 Pathfinders

    What is the rod on the left front side of your hood? Another nice Pathy BTW.
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    Inspire me with R50 Pathfinders

    :drool: That is one damn good looking Pathy. I recently joined NPORA and have found the vehicle specific information to be awesome, I was just hoping that I would see a bunch of Expedition-style Pathfinders here because that is what I want to do with mine. When mine wears out, I will end up...
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    Inspire me with R50 Pathfinders

    I have been reading threads here for quite some time but just got around to posting. I have a 2001 Xterra (bought new) and a 1997 Pathfinder (picking up this weekend for $500). The Xterra is our nice car/wife's car and the Pathy is my short distance DD and off-road exploring truck. It's bone...