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    Wrangler pickup will be JT

    JT is supposed to debut at the LA Autoshow in November. I will be test driving the JLU in January.... They confirmed a Turbo Diesel 4 will be delivered so we shall see!
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    Another LMTV Build... (for sale)

    I just worry about repairs costs & expensive parts to replace (critical ones anyway) I have loved this rigs since coming across them a while back. I assume the MPGs is 6-8? Anyone with better results? Also, What about out of country with Military rigs... heard it is a no-no
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    Another LMTV Build... (for sale)

    I want one of these beasts..... Do the LMTVs have a common issue or problem?
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    Love your work! Don't stop the innovation!
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    The "Az Crew" Thread

    pizza on BBQ? that is a 911 text to me next time bro!…. did a sunday impromptu Bartlett lake stand, drink & pee in water at same time adventure…. back way thru camp creek to Fountain Hills thing! The bro even followed me in his show queen yellow jeep but did not get the free desert...
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    2018 WRANGLER

    I have been having 2018 JL Wrangler on the brain as of late.. I like the new motor options & diesel, even the truck has some perks to be a good platform for a lot of adaptations. I'd take the rubicon package on both… do a portal axle conversion with CTIS. either a RTT over the bed on...
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    Fitting an 18' canoe on a jet ski trailer

    Well done lumpster! Wanna fix all my crap? Lol... I'm stock piling & fabbing parts for the winter... I choose not to work in 100+ as I once did... I need a shop or garage!!!! Dig your trailer!
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    The "Az Crew" Thread

    Anyone going out this weekend?….. a brisk 118-120! I'd like to attempt to crack the manifold completely off if I can this weekend to help with the "removal" process….. before new ones go on
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    The "Az Crew" Thread

    All are welcome DEZ…. We may try to wheeze in on the AZ Crew camp as the OE campground is sold out… "pre-swamped out" actually… they are not allowing anymore on site camping until they are for sure OK with the area not becoming a bog like last year… weather looks good...
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    Overland Expo For Sale Swap meet

    So did they shrink or did you get fat?… I still need XXL so this is the part where I shut up! lol… what other goodies ya got hidden? lol
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    1998 T100 Expedition Build

    build looks good so far… Im building my T for mexico trips… "T Beach Cruiser"! Im using same front bull bar set up I got for $100…. gonna chop it a little different but I like the look & light guards… Keep on with the build as you are inspiring mine as well!
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    The "Az Crew" Thread

    If anyone is interested… 5/20 we are headed to Expo via apache trail, road to pines…then across the rim to Clint well… 100+ miles on dirt… bout a 10 hour tour…. 8:30am meet up at gold field, 9am Breakfast burros in Tortilla flat…… Join up if interested...
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    Fording Depth vs. Snorkel Height

    Snorkel….. I run mine just below the roof line and under the limb lifters for obvious reasons for overhead debris etc… prefilters work! Snubbers!…. this is the extension on the exhaust pipe to keep it out of the water… stall underwater & you will see why the military ran...
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    Internal or external kitchen?

    Outside, covered but condensed and out of the box ready... pack & unpack sucks! lol.... if you are building or fabbing up something does a pass-thru or port hole work to access whatever you may want at night or for the morning joe on rainy days?
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    The "Az Crew" Thread

    Toast… looks like you got some mad fab skills & cool tools & stuff…… You do any mobile weld/torch work? Im getting ready to lift the bus.. I need some master monster ninja uber shackle action mods…. I pay with beer, steak & cash (not always in that order)….. I can...