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    Living with a 3" lift on a '98 4Runner

    I've had two lifted 3rd gens and the quality/condition of the suspension system will determine if the ride and handling is better. I found the stock suspension to be hardly adequate with abysmal handling. I ran an OME system on one which although it was a pretty basic setup, gave me 135,000...
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    Long Way up Series

    Like many, I loved the Long Way Roun/Down series. Clearly the motivation was purely that of adventure. For some reason I'm just not excited about this new series, I get the feeling the motivation is something other than what the previous two were about. If true, it makes less genuine in my...
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    2016 4Runner - Need New Build Advice

    We flip flopped a lot on whether or not to go with a RTT and have yet to pull the trigger on one. Sleeping inside is pretty cozy but condensation is an issue so we keep the windshield covered with a sun shade and keep the windows cracked open except for when it rains.
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    About that flat... I see you're running the Falkens, how to you like them so far. I run the MT's which have been great but they are heavy! I was thinking of upgrading the stock rubber on my wife's Taco and the AT3W were on the list.
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    2016 Trail Premium which has been nearly perfect for our adventures. I wish it had a little more power and there are times I wish it had a little more space. It's a simple no frills build, every mod is made from necessity rather than bling factor, thus, it's an evolutionary build. On the...
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    2016+ Tacoma Gear Packages - 4.88 IS HERE

    I went from 4.30's to 4.88's on my 1999 and it was not as noticeable as you would think. The 4.88 pretty much put it back to stock gearing when running 33 inch tires.
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    Expedition 65: A Wander Through Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru

    I suspect someone of lesser stature may not have kept it upright. I like your meal plan. Food and cookware are heavy!
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    5th gen 4Runner weird squealing creaking sound when turning

    Hey, just curious if any other 5th gen t4r guys have experienced this. Whenever I hit the trail I end up with this terribly annoying squeal when I turn the wheel. The best I cab describe it would be like the sound of a rubber bushing squeaking against metal. I have narrowed it down to the...
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    Jumping on the Cooper AT3 bandwagon......

    My brother has a set on his Honda Pilot and I was really surprised how noisy they were. I would have sworn they were a mud tire. Not at all what I expected. The ST Maxx I had were much quieter.
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    Sitting Here Pondering Which Vehicle To Build....

    Coming from a guy who previously had a built 3rd gen and now has a '16 TE, the TE. Just the extra space is worth it.
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    2017 TRD Pro Tacoma

    When I went to buy my 2016 4Runner I did a comparison with the TRDPro-$48,900 and a Trail Premium-$38,018, the best price I could work out with several dealerships. I chose to buy the TE over the TRD. Why? I knew that I would not be satisfied with the suspension of either model so I knew I'd be...
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    Opinion on this t4r?

    Really? What a wiener! Maybe he didn't really own that vehicle.
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    Opinion on this t4r?

    Here is a similar one in Sac.
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    Cooper ST Maxx vs BFG AT KO2

    No, not the same. Yes they carry a heavy resemblance to the old, they are a completely different tire now. Perhaps I had a bad set of ST Maxx but I never did fing out first hand what all the fans were gushing over with these tires. Tough as hell, yes, but traction at usable street pressure...