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    4x4 Sportsmobile with lockers
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    4x4 Sportsmobile with lockers
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    Redhead steering gear. Still have some wheel play 1995 e350

    I installed a Redhead box in my 2001 E250, and at first, it would not return to center. A call to Redhead resulted in my being told to adjust until it loosened up, despite the tag warning that any adjustment would void the warrenty. After a couple try's (1/4 turn at a time) it loosened up enough...
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    Inner fender well mud guards for E series vans?

    Very nice, I'll be pressure washing mine tomorrow. When I'm lucky, I get to drive through a big storm on the way home, which takes care of most of the mud
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    Fridge score! Wow it’s big.

    I ran a similar sized unit on my boat for 14 years, and it was never level while underway. They want tobe level so the flame impinges between the coils, not on them. Eventually the coil will burn through when not level, as mine did. The escaping ammonia almost suffocated my wife one night while...
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    Not So Subtle E350 Shuttle - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Coil Build

    So, your cat hangs around the van, and doesn't wander off? We took ours on the Roaming rally in B.C. when she was a kitten and she did pretty well. Her favorite place to hang out was on the dash, and now whenever the doors are open she hops up there as if saying, when's the next trip? I may...
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    Not So Subtle E350 Shuttle - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Coil Build

    I've had good luck with draps even in thick sections of aluminum just as long as they are kept straight, like when chucking them in a Bridgeport collet. Keep the updates coming, and I'd love to see more of your drawings, there amazing.
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    Road to SEMA, A 90 day build ROUND 2

    Great photos, thanks for sharing. Another well thought out and well designed van from Weldtec. I do wonder a bit about the swing outs though. The area where the bearing housing is welded to the two tubes looks like it could be a weak point, but there may be additional bracing that's not shown...
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    Boomer the Quadravan 4x4 Camper

    I'd love to hear about how the Fluidfilm works out. Two weeks in Montana added three years worth of rust under my van last year despite washing it more than once underneath.
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    Abbortsford air show and some wheeling, anyone? The Abbortsford airshow is this weekend, anyone here planning to go? I'd like to see the show and then do a little back country exploring afterwords. Anyone interested in joining up? Additionally, I'd love a place to park Sat night...
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    Van Pogo-ing...

    I would give John at Agile a call.
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    2000 V10 E350 Van Build (re-build from prev owner) 200w solar, Roof rack fab, LOTS of LED bars, custom interior and more

    I'm looking forward to hearing how your A/C works out. I've done two installs like yours, and in each the unit died within a month or two, due no doubt to vibration killing something in the unit. The fans run as do the compressors, but no cold air. Hopefully, you will have better luck.