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    L405 TD6….towing experience?

    5800 Lbs. is well withing the towing limit of the thing so that should not be a problem. Make sure the cooling system is in the best working order and keep the speed down - most of Europe / UK there is a 80 or 90 km/h. speed limit when towing heavier trailers.
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    Around Europe/ Asia in a Shorty

    Awesome ! Please keep the posts coming - really enjoying this. Many thanks
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    Front/Rear Locker Indicator Decal Kit

    Nice looking - well done
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    Question about driving heavy vehicle in EU

    Welcome to the Continent. You are looking at a interesting meet & greet with loads of legislation as some countries have different rules for "HGV's" as yours will be seen - vehicle over 3.500 kgs. Some countries will not allow you to drive on Sundays, rrestrictions on roads (weight) and higher...
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    Dirt Sunrise: Tim and Kelsey get lost...

    Pity we missed you in France ! Have Fun & be Safe
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    My Journey

    About the worst thing to happen. She's had a very good life - cherish the memories.
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    My Journey

    Goedeavond, Hope the hip will get back into shape and you have many more years ! That barn looks good ! You're going to fit gutters and save water ?
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    Around Europe/ Asia in a Shorty

    Very Nice !! Pls keep them coming. Thank You.
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    Hodakaguy's 4x4 Sprinter Build

    Good luck with the sale ! Hope you start a plane write up here soon..
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    My Journey

    Those Golden eyes have seen quite some life.... You did the right thing. Take care you.
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    My Journey

    On the road that happens..... Easy fix though. Better check the other side and replace the bolt(s), too Know what you meant with the silence and solitude.. Was sitting outside our house in - very - rural France watching the moon coming up and the silence, apart from some owls cracking jokes at...
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    My Journey

    Thank you very much. Very, very nice pictures.
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    My Journey

    Those are relaxed Goldens ! We love to see them that like that... Take Care !
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    3 Years Around North America, Plus a Few More

    Very nice ! Please keep them coming...
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    Renting 4x4s in countries around the Alps?

    Have a lot of fun and drive careful !