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    Hard Side Campers and Sand

    What kind of experience do you guys have with hard side campers and relatively soft sand? Not like Dakar-rally soft dunes but not hard pan like Daytona, either. Specifically, I'd like to go out to Cabo San Quinin. I've been out there in my truck before, but it was before I had the Lance on the...
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    Callen campers back business?

    Parts are all standard RV/Shell industry parts. Except for something like the roof rack bar, there's nothing you need Callen specifically to replace. My impression was that it wasn't quality that suffered. It was operational dependability. You couldn't trust that the son would have the doors...
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    How is everyone powering their portable fridges?

    And those who do use the starting battery are also likely to be those who have larger than average voltage drops! Lots of good info here on this thread. I just ressurected it because I'm looking into all this electrical stuff in more detail.
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    official Huevo Ranchero recipe thread

    Yeah, that's huevos rancheros. The OP described chorizo con huevos. Both good, but one is huevos rancheros, the other is.... not. Also, it's plural. If it's going to be "official" we might want to get square on those things.
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    School me on the topic of toilets ;)

    Can I ask a bit about the mechanics of usage? You urinate and defecate into different tanks. Is there a trucker's-buddy like port for peeing in and then you defecate into the "bowl?" How easy is it for women to use, and more to the point, how easy is it for a 4 or 5 year old girl to use? One of...
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    DRW Axle on SRW F-350

    So they probably changed the back axle when the changed to coil spring suspension. I was looking at the factory dimensions and noticed that the cab/chassis were narrower so the narrower frame makes sense. Thanks for the info. It's very helpful
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    DRW Axle on SRW F-350

    I'd like a bit more rear axle capacity on my F350 than the stock 7000 lb model. I thought of getting a dually and the going to a new bed and Rickson SRW conversion. But thinking about it, I think the easier swap is to put the 10,000 lb DRW axle on my truck. Anyone know about this? Spring...
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    Who drives their full size w/camper on sand

    Kinda reviving an old thread, but this came up while I was searching for DRW axle swaps.... Anyway, that visit with Ace must have been a long time ago, since he currently has a beat-to-poop cabover Skamper popup. I see it almost every day since he's my neighbor :) The recent purchase of a...
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    Testing Forced Air Furnace Electric Draw

    Excellent feedback, thanks. I hadn't considered battery temperature or depth of discharge. I think that 12v is still a pretty deep discharge. I'll take a look at it more.
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    Testing Forced Air Furnace Electric Draw

    I am simply testing to see if the battery that my solar panel charges during the day with no load will last the night with the furnace running a 40 degree temperature difference. If it makes it to morning, I can run a gen set if I were actually camping. The battery is a group 27 interstate...
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    Testing Forced Air Furnace Electric Draw

    I recently got a Lance camper for my truck, and it has a forced-air furnace. I recall from my past campers (large Class-A campers) that the fan would sometimes draw down a weak battery bank over night. Rather than get my family out to see the snow this winter, I'd like to test it out. It's...
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    Toyo 285/70/R19.5 M608z

    On our race car, we used to determine proper tire pressures with a pyrometer. First we used one of those IR guns, then we got a probe. We would test at three places across the tread after a hard lap. If the temperatures were higher in the center, we needed less air. Shoulders indicated a need...
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    Wiring Electrical for the Camper

    It took more than a week but it's mostly done. I got the lights wired up, which was the most important part. Went okay, but I was unable to find the ground by the wiring diagram I had. Since there is a solar panel, it's not super urgent so I'll probably live with it for a while.
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    @Adrifters - F550 Surf Camper Build - Adrift Motorhome

    The lever arm makes for an interesting dynamic load situation, that's for sure. But your truck was designed to carry 70% of its load on the rear axle. Is your suspension guru a race suspension guru, or a truck-carrying-a-load-within-spec guru? I'd be worried that putting your front axle...