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    My last hurdle - condensation

    if it's not to much trouble, could you post the dimensions of the heater. I've been considering one of these for a while.
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    Mexican insurance for Fuso give them a call and they'll get it sorted for you. I buy my annual policy from them every year!
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    Dry Flush Toilet??

    I've got one in my fwc, I love it! fyi, adding a couple scoops of sawdust to each flush helps with long term odor and splash during the flush. it's expensive per use, if you want it to be completely odor free, saw dust, flush wipes and two flushes per use seem to be the key.
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    SPOT X vs garmin inreach mini?

    I just got off the phone with garmin about my "inreach for smartphones" (basically a big inreach mini) and was informed that they are no longer supporting this device, firmware, software, and app. No notice at all from them about this, glad I finally got through to tech support and didn't find...
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    temporary camper tie downs?

    I've been shopping for a pop up camper for a while on craigslist and found a cheap fixer but don't want to pull apart my current camper set up until I rehab the fixer. So my issue becomes transporting the fixer home, I was thinking about renting a uhaul pickup, loading in the fixer and running...
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    $200 5KW Portable Diesel Air Heater

    Great build! can you run kerosene?
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    Camper shell with swing open doors: Opinions

    What tire carrier is that? How is it mounted? Very cool rig!
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    Topper EZ lift thoughts?

    I haven't checked the voltage at the regulator, but I do believe it is a voltage drop from the wire harness, 2 actuators get their own wire from the switch and the other two essentially share a wire. It's an obvious design flaw, eventually when I get around to it I'll replace the entire harness...
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    why skottle?

    what are the benefits of a skottle over just a frying pan or cast iron skillet? seems to be a rather expensive setup for a burner and frypan!?!
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    Custom made hitch mount swing out spare tire carrier on 2017 WK2

    Very cool! How much was the total cost?
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    Coolant Rust

    Thermocure works miracles! I tried multiple products, flushes, parts on my 73 dart, this stuff cleared it out in one pass.
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    Using tool chests or file drawers as cabinets in a van or RV build?

    Been there, done that, went insane! In a van on a washboard road it's unbearable, no matter what I did, I couldn't get the rattle noise down to a reasonable level.
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    Topper EZ lift thoughts?

    I have the full camper package set up, it's cool but has problems. the actuators don't lift at the same speed, so I I have to disconnect them one by one to get it up and level. Forget about ordering spare parts or tech support. Also the rear tent portion is a hassle to set up.
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    truck bed sheet metal strength?

    I am in dago, thanks for the offer! but you've given me an idea for alternative setup. I'm thinking about something a bit smaller.