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    Fabricator West Chester PA

    Not sure if these guys do fab work or not: but they are in West Chester. If they don't do fab work, they might be able to recommend somebody local. You in the area for the pipeline?
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    Tips for Truck Camper

    The Snap Treehouse says it weighs around 340 pounds:
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    WTB 2001 Ford F350 Winch Bumper

    Saw this on FB, NOT MINE, just posted this morning: ARB FORD SUPERDUTY BUMPER Southampton, NJ Like new Off a 1999-2004 F250-F550 Can be modified to fit other years $800 FIRM LOCATED IN TRENTON NJ 08619
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    Wanted: TJM bullbar to fit 2002 Nissan frontier

    took me about 10 years to find one for my Superduty. Finally found one on Ebay that was only 2 hours from home. Think TJM stopped importing bumpers to the US over 10 years ago. They still have them down under though ( Good luck in...
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    The full sized mid-size, my 2014 F150 "Fiddy"

    2019 Payload specs. It includes a 150 lb driver and any options will decrease capacity, probably for an XL with no options
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    The full sized mid-size, my 2014 F150 "Fiddy"

    Grassland, there is a Max Payload option for the new F150 that can get total payload up over 3,000. I've been looking online at local dealers and it does not seem to be an option that is on very many (none I found so far) trucks in the area. Not sure if it is just heavier rear springs or what...
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    Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!

    Looks like it might be a Pro-Eagle jack (
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    Fiskars chopping axe on sale Amazon

    Hate when I miss good deals like this. Price usually goes back up after a few people buy them, sometimes it just takes one person to buy before the price goes back to 'normal'
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    Full size winch bumpers

    I've got a rear Buckstop on my '05 F250. Seems very strong, just a base model one (no swingout, shackle mounts or anything, just holes for lights) Had a front and rear for a Dodge that were very nice as well. The front seems like it would pretty much destroy any cars being made now and would...
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    Warn 16.5Ti

    I've got two that I probably won't ever use either unless I can find the winch mount for my aluminum TJM bumper for my F-250 and its overkill for my CJ-7 (plus the CJ already has another Warn on it) Send me a PM with what you were looking to pay for one and where you're located. Don't have a...
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    FS: Diamondback HD cover for 5 1/2' bed Toyota Tundra

    Camper: pro - more space, taller space con: can't take off without help or lifting equipment tonneau: Pro - super easy to remove by yourself, better rear visibility con: not as much storage but easy to strap stuff to the top of it. Dog wouldn't appreciate riding in the bed with this on...
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    How do you keep your winch secure?

    Tuffy makes something that might work for you:
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    Front Bumper/Gill Gaurd

    Buckstop makes them: I've got a rear Buckstop on my F-250 and previously had front and rear Dodge bumpers. Good quality and seem really strong. Superwinch makes an affordable 10k winch, currently $325 on amazon (after you clip a $75 coupon)...
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    anyone using buckstop bumpers?

    Just put a rear on my F-250 last week. Got it used from Ebay. Bolted right on with no problem. Had a Dodge front and rear before. The front was sweet! Very heavy though but had to be crazy strong if needed to be used for bumping into 'stuff' I have a TJM aluminum front I just put on my Superduty...