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    Best Weld Through Bumper Clevis Mount for 9,000 lbs + Truck?

    I wouldn't think it would be hard to find someone local with plasma cutter or plasma table who can make you some that are long and fat enough for you. Actually if you found a chunk of steel, it shouldn't be hard to just cut it to length and find a buddy with a drill press and buy a drill bit for...
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    Best Safari style shirt for Expedition and Casual wear

    OTG_Bobby, does "• Teflon-Coated for stain, sweat and water resistance " mean any armpit sweat will just run down the inside or on your body and not get wicked out through the fabric?
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    ENGEL MR040F-U1 - deal on Ebay

    same price on Amazon as well (as of time of this post anyway):
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    Winch wiring (Anderson and gator clips)

    If you want a switch instead of disconnecting all the time, Warn sells a kit for that: (<----not the cheapest place to buy) edit: I don't see the above specifically listed for winches, but I know Warn had previous sold a kit listed as a winch...
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    2006 Ford 350 4x4 super duty lariat Survival vehicle - $24000

    Does look a bit top heavy, but the dually should help with that, and if aluminum, may not be too heavy up high. Kinda weird on the front fairlead, one pic shows it 'normal', another shows it offset and on an angle??
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    Winch wiring

    The superwinch rear winch wiring kit included a short ground to run a chassis ground. The Warn and Ramsey I think both come with full lengths of wire to return back to the source
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    Old school Ford overlander (with boat on the roof!)

    Givemethewillys, the original owner towed a camper behind the truck, hence the boat on the roof
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    Old school Ford overlander (with boat on the roof!)

    thought this truck for sale on Bring-A-Trailer was pretty cool: Looks to be in great shape and the boat on the overhead rack is crazy. All set for old school overlanding with the setup in the bed.
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    1999 F250 Superduty 4x4 aka Ferd

    Maybe paint the roof of the cap white to absorb less heat, or maybe some kind of reflective paint?
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    WTB 2001 Ford F350 Winch Bumper

    Post up some pics somewhere once it arrives. Seen one of them years ago, really like them!
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    WTB 2001 Ford F350 Winch Bumper

    another one on FB. Buckstop in eastern PA
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    Best Safari style shirt for Expedition and Casual wear

    I like the Ex Officio air strip shirts. Found one for $4 with a stain on it at a thrift store....stain washed right out. Have since picked up 3 more on Ebay. I use them in the summer when hot instead of sun screen. Didn't think long sleeves in the summer would work, but it seems to be cooler...
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    General gripe

    Eddie Bauer, Gerry, Orvis, and some others I can't remember are showing up at Costco no. No way are they the same quality they use to be. At least I think Gerry use to have decent stuff? Pickup up a pair of Eddie Bauer pants on clearance thursday night for $10 (some kind of stretchy material...
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    F150 with the Heavy Duty Payload Package?

    Machinebuilder, the current HDPP appears to use 6 lugs wheels. The ford website shows 6-lugs in the images and a 2018 was just sold in the vehicle section that has 6 lug wheels. I guess they may just have a higher payload rating of the wheels? As for struts, no clue on that.
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    F150 with the Heavy Duty Payload Package?

    I was looking for a Max tow HDPP towards the end of last year since they had really good deals going. Told the salesguy what I wanted. There were no 3.5 MT and HDPP anywhere in the country available. Can't get that combo on anything fancier than a XLT with 301 package. Guess they don't want...