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    Review of the Freespirit Recreation High Country Tri-Layer Roof Top Tent

    Looks like a great rtt, but I do have a concern with all of that cross stitching in the quilted fabric. That's a lot of potential pinholes for moisture to find its way in the tent. Am I just overthinking this, or could that be an issue?
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    Any tricks for keep the dust of the canopy?

    I'm a little late to the game here, but the positive pressure idea seems to be a good one. Here's a link to an Australian truck cap that has a positive pressure vent built into the cap. I'm sure one could retrofit one into an existing cap without too much trouble, as mentioned earlier, or...
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    My Solo Wanderings of the West

    By sharing your stories and photos, you give people like myself, who won't be able do that sort of trip for a few years, a reason to work hard towards reaching that goal. Thanks so much for the inspiration, and the invaluable advice you have been so graciously passing along. Cheers!