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    My wranglers steering is too sensitive, help!

    This is a spammer, notice the "link" at the end of his post.
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    New GMRS Handheld Two-Way Radios Now Available

    For completion's sake, I got an email overnight saying my license was granted. Less than 48 hours from application to receiving the license.
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    New GMRS Handheld Two-Way Radios Now Available

    What's the usual turnaround time on the GMRS license? Have a couple of the Midland radios at home and waiting for my license to go through so I can test them out a bit.
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    2019 Grand Cherokee SLOW Build

    Personally, I'd spend time in Ouray/Silverton/Lake City before Telluride. The town as a whole generally looks down their noses at the 4x4 community. A buddy of mine took his WK2 with us to Moab a few years ago. I think there you will spend more time on "dirt roads" and less on trails. It...
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    2019 Grand Cherokee SLOW Build

    The WK2 is a surprisingly capable vehicle. Ground clearance and articulation aren't the best, but we took ours all over Ouray and Silverton. Only trail we didn't do was Poughkeepsie. But if your wife won't do Hell's Revenge, I'm guessing she won't be up for Black Bear! Great highway manners...
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    wind power

    We're somewhat protected from the wind where we're at, had planned on a decently tall pole. And it's windy enough down there where the max wind speed that the turbine is rated to is certainly a concern. The area sees wind over 40mph somewhat regularly. We don't need a ton of output from since...
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    wind power

    Looking at using wind to supplement my solar setup. It's not really an expedition rig, but I have the HF 100w solar panel kit for 5th wheel and am thinking about adding a small wind setup. The area we primarily camp in can get windy and I figured that would be a good way to bring in a little...
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    Tactical Notebook Covers Binders

    I'd rather have one of these.
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    FYI: Camp Chef Triton 5L portable camp water heater and shower on sale... and more!

    I've been meaning to come back to this post and thank you for posting it. We've been in the market for one of the changing rooms and the sale price was the tipping point so we ordered it. Thanks!
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    Question on Garmin Inreach

    This is what I do with my InReach as well. The InReach battery is pretty good on its own, but if you can run vehicle power that's even better. I mount the InReach to the windshield with a Ram mount with built in power adapter. I also keep the paired cell phone plugged in and mounted with a...
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    XJ/ZJ as budget off roader

    The biggest thing I would suggest when buying a unibody rig for wheeling is to buy one that has not already been wheeled extensively. The unibody is the main drawback to these rigs and eventually it will become a problem if you're running 33's or larger and truly wheeling it. It is WAY easier...
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    Using a Yeti backwards?

    Anecdotal evidence here. I was running the snowblower in my driveway a couple years ago, subzero temps and my beer started to freeze just sitting in the can. Not a light beer either, 8% ABV. For the next can, I put it in one of the Yeti colsters, and it didn't freeze. Or maybe I just drank...
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    m416 rebuild question

    I swapped out the original axle in my M416 for a 3,500lb axle with electric brakes. Sure it'd be nice to have the parking brake, but I've gotten by just fine for 8-9 years without it just using wheel chocks. Granted I'm a pretty big dude and have no problems moving my trailer around even when...
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    Love the Smittybuilt Scout trailer for my RTT, but I don't go off-road. What are my options?

    What is the tow vehicle? And overlanding is really just fancy car camping, so I wouldn't be too worried about something designed for "overlanding." You certainly don't need an Adventure Trailer or the like, but the SmittyBuilt would probably be a good option for you.