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    2000 Ford E350

    I know what you mean... try a 40. In contrast, the Ambo will transport 7 adults, 6 tires, and several bags... in comfort. I keep a stove, fridge, microwave, inverter, a couple shovels, a compressor, vacuum, beach gear, tools, and an assortment of other stuff in the side compartments... mostly...
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    4x4 E450 Conversion Using Junkyard Parts - I am a fabricator/machinist

    Hey Micah, I’d have a look at how Chris at U-Joint does his conversions. I’m good at welding and fabrication, but I don’t have the experience that Chris has. I’m not saying don’t build your own mounts... just look at other “wheels” before you go reinventing them. Agile Off Road, MG Metal...
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    yes x2 There are only a few sites on the web that have Ambo content. Looking for information on them led me here.
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    My Red Cross ERV Build and Adventures

    I’ve found the ultra thin cutting discs on a die (or angle) grinder work very well. They are what a older locksmith I know recommend for cutting $$$$$ aluminum doors. When installing electronic locks into aluminum doors there’s no margin for error.
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    My Red Cross ERV Build and Adventures

    The 650R is much tamer than the 600 I'm more familiar with.
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    Fifth wheel Battery Box

    I just picked this up for my 4x4. I thought a similar one might come in handy for anyone wanting to put flooded lead acid batteries inside their build. Normally it is not safe to have them inside... because they need to be properly vented. Solution: This box is designed to have a battery...
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    Price range on a 4x4 Conversion for a 96 E350?

    All things considered that’s not bad considering everything is new/rebuilt vs $12,800 ish for DIY with junk yard parts. That said... it’s about 15-20 more than I have to put into a vehicle. Which factors into my decision to stay 2WD and keep my 4x4 Fj40. Even the most tricked out van wouldn’t...
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    My Red Cross ERV Build and Adventures

    600 Ninja in the woods... I think KTMasaki must be a typo... should be Kamikaze. A lifetime ago I assisted a motorcycle mechanic/friend split the crankcase in a 600 Ninja to replace the timing chain and then after reassembly lift it into place to mount it in the frame. After a short test ride...
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    The Honey Wagon: 2001 Ford 350 7.3 PSD Crestline Ambulance Build Thread

    do the physical install, and if you feel over your head about plumbing into the fuel tank, pay someone for an hour of their time. I swapped a 350 into my 40 by myself. However, I did pay a NHRA certified welder $60 (in ‘96) to weld in my engine and trans mounts. I also paid to have my...
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    The Honey Wagon: 2001 Ford 350 7.3 PSD Crestline Ambulance Build Thread

    I’ve read that also. If I get a chance I’ll check my spare fuel tank that’s on a shelf in my garage. It’d be a great way to empty the extra fuel that’s sloshing around in it. :D Plan is to repaint it with 2-5 coats of paint, drop my current tank, prep and paint my rear frame, and install the...
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    The Honey Wagon: 2001 Ford 350 7.3 PSD Crestline Ambulance Build Thread

    Stock is about 2” of fibreglass in the walls and roof of the box. 5/8” foam under/within the floor, and nothing in the cab. It’s the single biggest source of heat... especially the windshield. The cab being so hot is why I draw air in through the side door and blow it out the cab windows. That...
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    The Honey Wagon: 2001 Ford 350 7.3 PSD Crestline Ambulance Build Thread

    Found the fan on Facebook marketplace for $20. It will roughly exchange all the air in the box every minute. Our dog usually outruns dogs 1/2 her age. We have to find 1.5-2 years old for her to play with. Dogs older than that can’t keep up. As she ages though she is more particular about who...
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    Disaster Relief Vehicle

    I’d highly recommend a powered light module so the OEM wiring doesn’t have any extra load on them. Uhaul asked me if I wanted them to wire it in... I said I’d likely have a better idea how to wire it in. He seemed somewhat insulted until I opened the door to the electric room(panel)... he stood...
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    The Rig Runner ...a 2010 E350 5.4 DIY Coil Conversion

    There’s a connection under the drivers seat that frequently leads to an airbag light... I had to fiddle with mine recently after my airbag light came on.
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    My Red Cross ERV Build and Adventures

    My vote is for full images :D looking forward to seeing more. If our climate wasn’t so mild I’d add extra insulation inside the aluminum structure of the ceiling and walls... but at 6’4” every inch counts.