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    Tiny S&S custom

    Up in our neck of the woods they were called camperets don't see very maNY anymore
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    Oh boy. -NOW a build thread

    Thankyou if you were to go there
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    Oh boy. -NOW a build thread

    Hi read your thread end to end very nice .I wonder if you could tell me what you did to your GMC to get the milage increase you mentioned thank you Bill
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    Scamper 086S for sale

    1995 Scamper 3 burner stove 3 way fridge heater toilet with black water tank electric stable liift queen size air bed used 1 trip all appliances work. Asking 5500.00 can. with stable lift obo
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    Scoutman's 'new' Starcraft Pine Mtn on Dodge 3500

    Hi Scoutman, Followed you thread throughout nice job. You mention the frigde blowing out I have always been under the impression that you shut down the propane when traveling. As a fire prevention. Bill
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    Happy Skampin'

    I also have a Scamper the roof on mine is 3/4 or 1 inch plywood found that out replacing the vent
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    Camper and Truck Photos

    camper and truck
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    Scamper Floor

    Thanks Slo F-250 I sort of thought that would be the case. I was thinking of using 1"square tubing with flat bar welded onto it then bolting through the side boards in two oyr three spots to support the extra weghtthen I would not have to pack extra support for the camper. Thanks Bill
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    Scamper Floor

    Hello All, Fairly new to the forum I have a Scamper with a Stable Lift system and would like to know how the floor is attached to the sides of the camper. The reason being I would like to be able to unload the camper and use it with out worry that the floor will separate due to lack of support...