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    A good Android based tablet for GPS navigation

    I've been using my Nexus 7.0 2013 model with the PDF Maps app (works on iphone too). I download georeferenced PDF copies of USGS quads from topoview and zoink them into the app and use it hiking and driving. Pair that with a RAM mount and you're set.
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    Ute bed or camper shell

    In contrast to what that guy ^ said, go ahead and use your DD. Stick a topper on it and use the money you saved by not getting a Ute bed towards putting good gear in the truck, maybe a dual battery with isolator, some good lights, nice sleeping pads, on board air, skid plates, maxtracks...
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    wife became a vegetarian

    I like the Mike Dolce Living Lean Cookbook, there are still meatie recipes but lots of veg only. My favorite is: Warm Quinoa Chickpea Veggie bowl 1c quinoa 1T grapeseed oil (I use olive oil) 1 red bell pepper 1 green bell pepper (you can actually use any color bell peppers) 3/4c chickpeas (1...
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    Forester: ExPo Subaru Project

    I got the go ahead from my wife to start tooling on the family car which is an '05 Forester. So far I've replaced the tired stock wheels with plain black steel wheels, and the highway Michelins with some Geolandar ATS's in stock size.
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    Onboard Air Install

    Looks pretty slick so far, I'd like to add a small compressor to my Fozzie but since its the "family car" it has to be super clean and nothing the ball and chain will think is an eyesore.
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    Need a Dutch oven recipe

    I did one once that was a pork butt cut in the way that unrolls the whole piece of meat into one long 3/4 inch thick strip. Then we put cooked wild rice and green onions and other stuff on top, rolled it up, trussed it with butchers twine, and cooked it in the dutch oven for a while. That was...
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    Who Still uses cast iron while traveling?

    I usually take at least one dutch oven and a griddle when I car camp, sometimes a skillet also depending on what I'm cooking. I have taken a small 6 inch skillet back packing just for fun before too.
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    You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away...

    I sent my old XJ to pasture when I was test driving it after doing one fix only to have it break down for another reason.
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    Best mug for camping

    I use this one every day: This one is my cold weather\road trip mug:
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    Fresh Charred Chili!

    Garbage dump? Recycle center maybe, or get on free cycle for a broken down washer. I like that pit too, may have to make one.
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    Thoughts about GSI hard anodized camp ovens

    Get yourself a big charcoal starter chimney and fill it to the brim even if you don't need all of them. For baking bread try prewarming the dutch oven before you drop the loaf in, and take a couple coals from the bottom and plop them on top.
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    Thoughts about GSI hard anodized camp ovens

    Practice makes perfect! Wind and humidity make a huge difference with dutch ovens over coals. There is a thing out there called a volcano grill that you can use a dutch oven inside, I've used one once and it worked really well especially with the insulated cover over the top.
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    Thoughts about GSI hard anodized camp ovens

    It was good, and it didn't last long enough for anyone to have seconds. The crumb was a lot denser than with all AP flour and seemed a bit nuttier flavored also.
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    Thoughts about GSI hard anodized camp ovens

    I'm just a wee bit excited to dig into this loaf but it has to wait. For some reason it smells extra sour, not sure if it's just the rye or if something went wrong. Edit: sorry for the sideways pic, stupid iphone.
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    Thoughts about GSI hard anodized camp ovens

    It was a little big for subs but it was nice for dipping in some roasted poblano soup that I made. I made my dough for the loaf with some rye substituted today and it seems a bit denser already, it will be interesting to see how it turns out when its done. I substituted 2/3 cup rye for 2/3 cup...