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    Post your Mitsubishi Pajero Pics

    Tell me about you paint job. I'm digging that color.
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    Locker only works in low range doesn't it?

    Forgive my ignorance, I haven't been around monteros very long. But seems like it's more to it than that. Wouldn't you need to bypass power to the air compressor? Is the locker electrical? I thought that it was pneumaticly actuated. Can you give more details on grinding the detent?
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    Locker only works in low range doesn't it?

    So back to the original question. What needs to be done so you can engage the locker at any time?
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    1998 Montero SR for $500?

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    Advice on a Gen3 Purchase

    What years are the 3rd gen available with LSD?
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    Marutuk's Gen III Build

    Depending how long the studs are you could use oversized nuts or stack washers to take up the space
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    Ride after torsion bar crank

    I read about cranking torsion bars for lift. Can you tell much difference in the ride after doing that? I would think it would be considerable stiffer.
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    94 montero sr no brakes

    I took the the abs mod loose. It weeping out the bottom. But I'm not convince that I don't have a booster issue. With the vehicle off I can pump the brakes with no pressure build up.
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    Gen2.5 2000 Montero factory rear locker install

    How did it turn out?
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    disabling ABS on 95 SR

    What did you have to change?
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    94 montero sr no brakes

    It was originally from Massachusetts and has some rust on the frame. Under the hood and the body is clean, strangest thing ive ever seen. Almost like someone swap a different frame under it. I filled with brake fluid and pumped brakes for a good bit. Inspected under vehicle and found...
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    94 montero sr no brakes

    I'm new to montero's. That is what I'm looking for is tendencies. I can't see under the abs pump so I guess I need to pull it. Any tips for pulling or inspection?
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    94 montero sr no brakes

    Got a 94 montero sr with no to little to no brakes. I just bought it, the previous owner just said that they stopped working. The abs light had been on for a while. I filled with brake fluid and did get very small amount of braking. I have been all under the vehicle and found no leaks. No...