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    03 Tundra helton heater install

    Long term report, same quick fists from June 2011. no cracks or problems with them or the Helton heater, All working to this day, best thing I have done for myself to provide a better way of keeping clean while camping.
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    Updating Tundra Solar System

    Battery is AGM. I have 4 of them.
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    Updating Tundra Solar System

    Was thinking about the battery box thing, wonder if I can get the ARTEC holder to mount inside.?
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    Lets See Your Solar Setups

    This has been working great so far no problem at all. I also have an ARC from Blue Seas, handles both battery charging needs flawlessly!
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    Updating Tundra Solar System

    Why such a large foot print in the back of the truck. Looks nice and neat. Here is what I did and 100watt panel Suits my solar needs and charges my starting battery via Blue seas ACR automatic charge relay.
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Mailman gave me a new package to open today. Jikaro table set for the fire pit. Kinda like a reverse Benihana do it yourself deal. admittance to table side is 2 boxes of fresh ammo my choice and some form of trimmed cattle-filet would be nice. I also have the Griddle for the fire pit. So it's...
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    Partner stove mod.. piezo ignition

    Very cool mod, should had posted when I did my mod in 2009, never got around to it. The only thing I did not like was when you remove the burners to clean the stove the wires got in the way, May be a heat resistant quick disconnect from the starter.
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    Haggis' Multi-Use Tundra Build

    Haggis, long time no chat. Still have my tundra just turned 166.000 miles. Still loving it and running great. I changed the front end just a little. Add Baja Designs LP9 Racer addition light to replace the KC'S. and a 30" Stealth bar into the bumper.Just above the front plate you can see the...
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    Rear Winch wiring using jumper cables; what am I missing?

    Dumb question but is the control box grounded? On the old Warns say x9000 winch if the control box is not grounded it would not work.
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    Onboard Water Logistics
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    Onboard Water Logistics

    I use a Helton for heating my water.
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    I have on of these, awesome and works great when needed.
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    Best way to Turn off solar while engine is running?

    O3 tundra limited.Snug top shell and SS button head screws and lock washers into the fiber glass.
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    Best way to Turn off solar while engine is running?

    Just a few ya get the idea. Will try to get a picture of the ARC. You can see the size of cable I run for battery 1,2. The breaker is only there for protection and when I put in the Deka battery the factory cables did not reach with enough slack so the breaker also give me a little more...