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    Hummer Builds

    8 Gang Switch Panel, DJI 4X4 On amazon
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    Hummer Builds

    I recently added some perimeter lighting around my defender rack two on each side and back, I created my own wire harness running down the rear door channel and through the frame to help keep the integrity of an already leaky body style With the panel I wanted a cleaner install compared...
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    Hummer Builds

    Those are nice but out of my price range for a bit "with any luck soon it will be boating season" lol
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    Hummer Builds

    Nice Rig, soon mine will be transformed much as I did my FJ40, unfortunately, the aftermarket selection of parts and such is limited. Seems the tree huggers did a good job banishing the H2 and Hummer Line, I always heard terrible Mileage funny after researching a thread about Overlanding rigs...
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    Hummer Builds

    I used a VIAR System for tires over 35 Inch my Fj40 it has 35's on it so I figured for the time being this would work, I mounted the compressor on the tray of the old compressor, I'm still fabricating up were to put the tank. I attached a picture I created on how I have the setup in My FJ40
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    Hummer Builds

    Wow, a lot hate on the H2, I just picked up one cheap from a private sale. I have pretty much done about everything I wanted to my Fj40 and I wanted a new project, after looking for land cruisers all I could find were vehicles with over 200,000 miles going for 15K and up, same with FJ cruisers...
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    M100 with Tent 1400.00

    Selling My very basic M100 with a tent. Haven't had a chance to work the title out. As I said very basic but lots of room to build and make it great. The only reason I'm getting rid of it is that I got a great deal on a Lifted Fleetwood neon.
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    Latest Photo?

    Last week picking up new trailer
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    Fleetwood Neon SOA Mod Question

    I see this is an older post but does anyone know anyone that converted the Fleetwood neon suspension to the timbren axle less. The kit seems reasonable priced
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    Land Cruiser FJ 40 gut check and a few questions

    Because you say you have a minimal mechanical experience I would say get something newer with low miles a 4 runner is an excellent choice. My FJ is nice but sometimes they become temperamental and you don't want to be stranded on a trail when that time comes.
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    FJ40 Aux Fusebox

    FJ will be down Dec / Jan to upgrade new wiring for the entire vehicle, here is a look of my progress on my aux fuse box build
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    Picked up a Fleetwood Neon

    This past weekend I picked up a Modified Fleetwood neon which was barely used. I pulled home with FJ and tows amazing no sway , tracks good
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    Latest Photo?

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    Barefoot & Homeless at Last...Adventures of a Young Sasquatch

    I camped for a week and that same spot Awesome