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  • Thanks, im thinking about tackling this project in december or the new year so i got some time to figure it all out.

    Thanks again!
    Hello Adam,

    I have decided to take on the challenge of assembling a telescoping rack for my tepui like the one you fabbed up.

    I was hoping if you can find the time to give me a few details on how you made yours? How much hardware did you need? How powerful should the gas struts be for a Kukenam? And is there anything you can think to mention about the design?


    Sweet! 2792 S. 580 W. Syracuse, Utah 84075 Thanks a lot. You still haven't told me how much you want for them. Also, any chance you have an 95-97 80 series rear driveshaft in useable condition you'd be willing to sell me? I heard you had some extra parts around.
    Address! Adam I need your address for those emblems. Sorry I spaced it. We have been so busy. A 10 month old and a dieing dog and horse. I can mail them tomorrow.
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