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    Black Series Travel Trailers??

    It should be noted that if you choose to run a weight distributing hitch(equalizer) that it needs to be disabled before traversing uneven terrain or you may bend the tongue. I spent a week in Raton CO getting my travel trailer repaired, wasn't cheap.
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    Is my Jeep too heavy?

    Still better than my unloaded 3/4 ton gasser.
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    Is my Jeep too heavy?

    What kind of mpg’s are you guys getting with those built wranglers?
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    Dreadlocks outfitting of InTech Discover

    Have you ever considered charging the trailer battery from your tow vehicle in addition to or instead of solar/generator? I was thinking about doing something like a DC to DC charger, 2 gauge wire and some Anderson power pole connectors. I saw someone had done it and was getting 40amps to the...
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    Tire question

    I had that size on a stock Zr2 s10 and thought it was too wide for the weight, hydroplaning in the wet and horrible traction in snow. I was on bfg at’s. Probably fine though on a Montero, especially if in a dry climate.
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    Tire question

    I was told in tech school that it’s the AWD systems that have a viscous coupling center diff that require all tires to be same height. On a part time 4wd, less of a concern.
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    Coyote(s) with mange....what to do?

    Not directed towards anyone: Coyotes are an interesting critter. When Europeans colonized North America they tried to eradicate coyotes like they had wolves, didn’t work. Efforts to kill them off have actually caused them to spread out and multiply occupying every state instead of just their...
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    Tandem axle load equalizers. LCI Equa Flex vs CRE3000

    I Installed cre 3000 on my 10,000lb travel trailer, my wife swears that it must ride smoother now as there’s less junk to put back in place(her job) after arriving at a campsite. I know the stock shackles had worn through the **** plastic bushings and were eating through the shackles so I got...
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    Destination Unknown - a 1997 F350 build

    Unfortunately they’re out of business.
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    Project "Autonomous" F-350

    I need a deal like that!
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Reminds me of this one.
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    Curious what the "best" Subaru, new or old, for an overland build.

    Fifth and sixth gear are both overdrive, I always skipped fifth.
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    Extending distance between tow vehicle and trailer

    What is the tow vehicle? What is the weight of the trailer?
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    Outfitting a 2500 Silverado

    I doubt anything is gonna break with stock size rubber.