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    Chinese Diesel Heaters...Update??

    Can I have your Suzuki, if your chinese heater kills ya'?
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    7.3 Pre-emptive Preventative Maintenance

    Can of ether if your glow plug system fails. Heater isn't a replacement for plugs. Some engines have both. But there is a reason why it's one or the other usually. I would guess that my current diesel has a grid, as it starts and runs perfectly in cold weather. If you disco those...
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    Cummins oil change - synthetic?

    The seals were wasted. Crappy old oil didn't have the detergent to wash away the dirt that was keeping the seal from leaking. Synthetic did, and leaked very much. Made tons of money from that. Better yet is the piss poor red extended life coolant. That stuff has wrecked many coolant...
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    F150 vs Tundra....I’ll make a decision tomorrow

    JD powa sucks. Do you really need other people to tell you how to think?
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    Need help deciding, Why a Tacoma over a full size truck?

    Fords engine area has always been a pita to work in. But much easier now, if you have one of those laydown creeper ladder things that lets you reach everything from the top while laying down. The 6.2 and 7.3 are cake though, you can reach all the way around the engine.
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    Need help deciding, Why a Tacoma over a full size truck?

    The right rear quarter panel on my truck costs more than my DRZ400S. Boots and bikes cover most of the available overlanding, that a fullsize can't.
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    Ford Superduty Tremor "off road" 2020 F250/F350.

    Problem with the g80 is accidental wheelspin kicking it in, when your 6.6 or 7.3 is making decent power. Then it explodes like a grenade. It's way better than nothing, but should be replaced by a real locker for regular off road use.
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    Need help deciding, Why a Tacoma over a full size truck?

    Tacomas are still riding high on the good vibes generated by previous generations of those trucks. The modern Tacoma isn't so hot anymore. Bigger, heavier, and less reliable than before. Time for an update if they want it to continue. But still, they work fine for many. Don't forget...
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    Diesel vs Gasoline

    A gas long block is $8000 at the dealer, installed. A junky reman'd long block, installed by an independent shop is $6000. I've done both. Fuel system repairs on the diesel are just too expensive and can eclipse serious gas repairs easy. Also keep in mind that the gas engine will...
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    A Real Man's RV

    Shower is too small.
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    Need help deciding, Why a Tacoma over a full size truck?

    Driving small trucks, down tight trails, sure is..... if such a thing even exists. It's a fantasy in more than half of the US, and nearly all of canada, IME. I've got this: or this: .....and nothing in between for jeeps and taco's. Let your destinations terrain, pick your ride.
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    Which Overland Vehicle and Why?

    Salt belt has waited for aluminum, for ages. It's here to stay. Lack of aluminum and a gas engine that I liked, was a deal breaker for me when I tested the Dodges in '17. I'll bet that they fix that in the near future. Fiberglass was the failed experiment. I expected plastic hoods...
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    Need help deciding, Why a Tacoma over a full size truck?

    The OP asks for Taco owners. You're not interested in hearing from fullsize owners that used to own a Taco?
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    Baja style fenders
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    F150 with the Heavy Duty Payload Package?

    Strange lugs might be a pita to find wheels for. Research that. If power, towing, large tires, camper, lockers are mentioned, I'd go straight to a 250.