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    Front Locker is it needed?

    The traction control can still spin the front tires a ton if there's rough patches shifting weight left and right causing the diff to unload quicker than the TSC can keep up. Front locker is still easier on terrain. It ratchets just fine in turns, I don't notice any excessive trail wear at...
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    Synergy steering issues-4th gen Ram HD

    It's turning on the adjuster? Yeah, that ain't right. Will eat the threads eventually if not fixed.
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    New Defender Rage/Hate Thread

    What jeep forum? They've changed their name to:
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    Front Locker is it needed?

    And some of us have compromised rigs. Too heavy, too big, too tall, not enough tire etc. etc. Or we just went someplace stupid. The terrain at my county yard waste dump was rock hard. Except for a spot slightly downhill, next to an irresistible pile of free firewood. Truck sank like a...
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    Synergy steering issues-4th gen Ram HD

    The Ford link not only spins, it moves up and down. I doubt it's the spinning link. Check for length play with a prybar. That's what the link controls, length. Spinning doesn't affect such. Popping at full lock in reverse, isn't unheard of. Check your track bar. Check hubs for play...
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    Do you regret buying a base model truck?

    So you have to buy a plane ticket. No big deal. Inventory is all online, for any decent dealer now.
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    Looking for help finding the right camper

    Bundutec Bunduvry. Odd that nobody has mentioned their hardside. It's like a smaller, lighter, more overlandy Lance. Capris Retreat is another option. Neither require a DRW, unless you want to drive like a nutter. Then DRW is mighty nice to have.
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    Do you regret buying a base model truck?

    A plow truck? Tons of f350's like that over here every fall.
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    Gas can storage

    Summit racing. Don't leak if you keep them upright.
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    Question for a Friend (F550 Crew Cab)

    As you can clearly see, a short box on a 550 has a ton of room. Especially if the bed is convertible into a dinette. I would suggest right side entry like an RV. Keep all of your weight in front of the rear axle, and you can go as long as you'd like. But I wouldn't go any longer...
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    Overlanding during the Lockdown?

    Times up. Your month is over, here. Everyone is out and about in Ohio. Nobody ever cared about the lockdown ''order'' or the spread. People are only staying home because they don't want to get sick. We've done a ton of isolated stuff in the parks, trails, picnics, etc. etc. Just stay...
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    Cooper STT Pro vs ST Maxx vs Geolandar G003 vs Falken

    The Maxx has the STT's carcass. Just different, milder tread. Sidewall is as thick and tough as the STT. Henceforth the Maxx's pricetag.
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    Thoughts on used EarthRoamer?

    How do you get the cab off the truck for repairs? $100k builds a really nice LMTV with a Total Composites box. If you wait, some always pop up here.
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    Cooper STT Pro vs ST Maxx vs Geolandar G003 vs Falken

    The Pro's work excellent in the snowbelt of OH, MI, PA, WV, NY. I won't speak for MN, MA, VT, CO etc. etc. Blizzaks are nearly useless on our trucks. Good for Honda Accords, and light weight pavement only vehicles around here. Need frequent rotations to keep noise and wandering down...
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    Idacamper2.0 Color change, please let me know your thoughts.

    Needs a grumpy cat sticker, then it's purrfect.