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    Expo style TV/Film production van I spotted.

    I figured somebody on here might. :D I really would like some details on the interior setup - and the satellite on top. Can it do live broadcasts? It looked like a complete broadcast/editing house on wheels.
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    Lifting a 04 Silverado

    Crank the torsion bars up in the front (Should get you 2"), or go with a set of Ford green torsion keys (Should get you 3") if he's unable to get the amount of lift he wants (Is this a 1/2 or 3/4 ton Silverado?). Blocks in the back.
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    Expo style TV/Film production van I spotted.

    I've been on location with a lot of productions, but I've never seen a production vehicle quite like this. The interior of the van was filled with large displays, computer/editing workstations and gear. The entire shoot was running off a pair of generators mounted on the front bumper.
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    2004 Silverado HD expedition project

    Here's some inspiration for you... not my truck. :) I do have a 2003 2500HD extended cab and I'm basically in the same boat as you. My wife drives the truck and she hates the look of camper shells so I'm actually having custom bed rails and a rack system built by a friend who has a welding...
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    Tell me about Subaru reliability

    I am the original owner of an 04 WRX wagon I have put 130,000 miles on. I have had three long running minor issues which seem to plague the EJ205. 1. The AC compressor has a habit of failing and the AC pulley degrades noisily. 2. The power steering pump leaks onto the uppipe and burns white...
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    Light weight hiking/back packing

    Thanks for the update! An interesting read. I don't think you'll regret going to an alcohol stove. I made the switch from an MSR XGK that was simply overkill for my requirements. My brunton spork ($9 REI), white box alcohol stove and wind shield ($20 fit inside my gsi...
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    Lets see some "set up" Regular Camper shells

    I put together all the pictures from this thread on a drop so they can be more easily oggled. :coffeedrink:
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    Expedition TrailBlazer Project

    Very cool - this is the same direction I'd like to take my Silverado. I'm looking into the WAAG front guard after seeing yours as it appears to actually protect the nose, isn't some god awful mess of chrome, and I really can't justify the $800-$1,200 for a full bumper. Great site, very...