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  • Hello! Sorry for the late response, this didn't come in on my usually PM box so only just saw it. I am crazy busy today, but if you can email me, I'll get you situated. My email is nathan@woodsfamily.cc. Whereabouts are you located?


    Nathan Woods
    (949) 280-5710 cell/text
    Hey, Buzzer142: No "pro" here. Enthusiast yes, ... pro ... questionable! :)
    My first advise would be wheels and tires. 18" tires and BFG ALL Terrains would be my first step. Sliders or some sort of side protection next. Front bumper/winch next. Snorkel if you want but not 100 necessary around these parts. After that ... it is personal choice. Shoot me an e-mail anytime: nashvillerover@comcast.net
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