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  • I have toyed with it. it is always cheaper to produce several of something then just one, however since this is all new in design it would make sense to build one to insure the design is solid and no adjustments or improvement need to be made before continuing on. The tent however is a whole new ballgame for me and something I haven't put a lot of time into yet. I have some ideas for material and the body of the camper will be designed with the fabric attachment in mind, but when it comes to the actual "building" of the tent it will take time.
    Hey Cameron,
    Since that box utilized several flippac parts it really wouldn't be a cost effective thing to reproduce. I am currently working on a V2 concept that reduces a lot of the complications I discovered during the first version. It will be a bit slower of a build then the first one since I have been extremely busy but I have a lot of the Cad work done for it so once cutting begins it should "knock on wood" move relatively quickly after that.
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