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    FTS 750 build

    Finished...what is that you speak of. Mine is a constant evolution that gets updated after every trip as the kids get bigger. The main thing is getting out and about in it, in whatever state that it functions well enough to camp, before we end up in aged care:):) Dave
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    Fuso ambulance box!

    I assume you're in usa? Mines an Aussie version that I fitted to the canter, take a look in my thread.:) Dave
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    1993 Fuso FG Buy or Dont Buy?

    I have read on one of the Facebook canter groups, that someone there has indeed fitted the synchros to 1st and reverse whilst rebuilding their gearbox and described it as an easy job to do. Dave
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    Appraisers and Insurance for self-build Fuso

    Can't help on your Insurance, but would love to see some pics of what you've created in your truck. Dave
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    4d34 turbo advice needed

    I kept mine simple and just have oil cooling, I blocked off the water on mine, nothing about my setup is factory. Oil feed from oil pressure switch in picture and oil drain in sump as pictured. I know there's pros and cons for this but that is working for me. Dave
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    Driveshaft flange nuts

    1996 Fg639, obviously they improved it over time, all good to know:) Dave
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    Driveshaft flange nuts

    It'd be interesting to know if your original assembly is the same as the new one, or if it's just an updated version, or if my version is like most things on my truck, previously bodgied up by the old farmer owner to keep it running:) Dave
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    Driveshaft flange nuts

    Well I have learnt something new, I didn't realise there was supposed to be an 'o' ring in there, next time I pull it apart it's on the list of things to do:) Dave
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    Driveshaft flange nuts

    Correct, the manual does state that, but, I have had mine on and off numerous times over the years and reused them with no adverse issues and it was obvious that they had been off before my ownership many times too, I think they're just being highly risk adverse. Not sure about the 'o' ring, I...
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    Emergency brake

    If yours has a Centre bearing, such as mine does being a dual cab with the 2 tailshafts, then I've always had to drop that as well to get at the handbrake, easy job, only 2 extra bolts if needed. The brake is a simple mechanism, easy enough as Dan said to take a look and rule it in or out as the...
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    fuso 4x4 rebuild

    Sorry to hear that Alan, life is unpredictable at the best of times and can be grossly unfair. Good luck with the 6x6 build, it'll be a different kind of beast:) Dave
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    1996 FG 639 dual cab tidy up

    Then the big mission, with the girls getting bigger they no longer all fit in the bunks, so I finally cut a hole in the roof and popped it up. Best move ever, now one of them sleeps up top, the head room is awesome and the wife is happier, so wins all round. On the trip, the truck performed...
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    1996 FG 639 dual cab tidy up

    Been another long stretch without updates. We recently spent 6wks away in NSW and QLD, a total of 8350kilometees and average of 18.08 litres /100k fuel use. But before the trip typically I had a few things to do on the old bus.... I decided to change out the front and rear diffs for a pair...
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    fuso 4x4 rebuild

    Are you saying it still lives? This should be good!! Dave
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    More Fuso FG help needed

    As SkiFreak said, make sure the shoes are backed off and it'll come off, just be aware the drums are heavy buggers, try your best to keep it all level as it comes off so the bearings don't fall out if your unlucky and you don't damage the seals, although it's worth replacing them at the time...