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    2018 Chevy Express 2.8 Duramax

    Jeremy, Thanks for posting the 2.8 towing video, the wait was killing me. ;) I’m planning on ordering a 2020 2500 Regular Wheelbase Express and after seeing the video I’m pretty much convinced it’ll serve me well. I do have a couple questions for ya. In video you say the van is on...
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    A/C in a camper shell.

    Sancap, That’s a really nice set up you got there! Cya, jr
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    A/C in a camper shell.

    Yup that’s the one, worked great, there’s two water drain ports on the back that make emptying it very easy. I just roll it to the edge of the tailgate and unscrew the caps. Highly recommend this setup if you camp out of your truck/van or whatever, really makes summertime camping comfortable...
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    A/C in a camper shell.

    Here’s the only picture I have. I used a Frigidaire unit, you can see it on the right in the above photo, it blows air out the top of the unit so you don’t have to worry about stuff being up against it. You can see how I stuffed a blanket in the cracks of the hatch window. Temporary to test it...
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    A/C in a camper shell.

    Ok, So this is less of a mod and more for information. Also, I realize it’s not for the purests among us. I just returned from 4 days in the Outer Banks camping in the bed of my truck with a portable room A/C unit 8000btu (the stand up kind, not the ones that you stick in a window) that I...
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    Am I Crazy?

    Huntsonora, The TW will probably serve you well based on your intended use, if you find you need more low end grunt you can gear down and I'm certain it'll go anywhere you'll want to go. However, if you plan to do a lot of pavement pounding then the TW will disappoint you. They are not fast...
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    Motorcycle advice

    Ok Bigjerm, After reading your post and all of the reply's I've got a slightly different suggestion for you. If I were you (and were very close in size I'm 6'1" 265) given the price range you've listed I'd look at a smaller dirt oriented bike. Now hold on and let me explain why. I say...
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    uptick in interest in 250cc

    I think it has to do with the extremely high gas prices we experienced no that long ago. Manufactures had smaller bikes in the works as demand increased due to those high gas prices and after the crash/adjustment in the economy they went ahead with the plans for some smaller bikes. Look how...
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    Big bikes back in the Dakar

    That's my thoughts exactly, I don't see why you can't have both. So, what if the only big bikes where orange. Seems to me that running a big bike against em would be a great way to establish a name for one of the other manufactures. Beat the big bad orange machine on it own turf so to speak...
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    Big bikes back in the Dakar

    So, after watching the Dakar rally for several days now. Combined with attending the Cycle World Motorcycle show in Novi Mi recently. A thought has popped into my head. (I know miracles never cease) With Yamaha's Super Tenure, BMW 1200 and 800GS' Honda's Transalp and obviously the KTM 990...
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    Bike Suggestions

    Storz, Look for an S model DRZ, they're the dual sport version, slap on some dirt tires and they're great offroad. Granted they'll never be a KTM, but for the $$$ and reliability they're hard to beat. I love mine and it's still stock, and I've had it up some pretty difficult trails. Check...
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    Bike Suggestions

    Hey Storz, Why not get another DRZ? The DRZ 400S is a great bike, I just picked up a used 2006 with only 2K miles on it for $2900. If you look around you can find some good deals on some nice bikes. Mine is a blast on paved canyon roads, almost as much fun as your old SM. It rolls along...
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    New To Motorcycles.

    Hey, You might want to look for a nice used Suzuki DRZ400s, I got mine a few months ago and its a great bike. They've been made since about 2000 without major changes and can be picked up pretty cheap. It's got plenty of power. And, is comfy other than the seat which is a cheap fix. And I'm...
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    Buket List

    If your looking for a good starter street bike, I'd take a good look at the DRZ super moto. I'm about your size and recently bought a DRZs and have been having a great time on it. I grew up riding bikes and have ridden several over the years. My buddies got a Super Moto and I gotta tell you...