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    Overlanding Off Road pop up camper

    I know Dale... happy he’s getting this.
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    AWOL Around Australia...

    I’m happy to see your new little friend is fitting in. I really enjoy your posts. Thank you for sharing.
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    My Journeys

    I tend to agree with what the others have already said. I enjoy your posts and I’m glad Tanner is doing well after his ordeal. I don’t post much here, but I check this site daily. If you decide to stop posting, I will understand. I just hope to be follow your other blog.
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    Regear - 4.56 or 4.88 for overland JKU

    I have a JKUR and pull a Bantam trailer. I run 35s, and had 4.10 stock. But, I also have a D44 front. The 4.10 gears did alright, until I came to a mountain pass. Then the transmission would shift into 3rd or even 2nd. The engine would spin at higher rpms then I liked. I went with 4.88 and love...
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    2014 JKUS Cape York build

    I messaged the man who designed them. He said they are not compatible.
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    2014 JKUS Cape York build

    My only concern is if the AEV snorkel will work with the MORryde Jerry can mount. I have the can mounts on both sides of my JKUR now, and I like them. I am considering adding an AEV snorkel, but I cannot find any reliable info if they work well together.
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    Oregon Trailer owners

    Thank you
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    Oregon Trailer owners

    This is what I have now. I don’t need a galley, and it needs to follow me over a lot of stuff.
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    Oregon Trailer owners

    The wife and I are pretty close to ordering a new DoDrop Alpha from Oregon Trailer. Does anyone else here have one of their trailers? I’ve been searching and looking though threads, but have come up empty? For those do have them., Are you happy with it? What would you change? How is it holding...
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    Frontrunner antenna mount

    I picked up one of these. You’re gonna need a NMO to UHF adapter.
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    My Journeys

    Personally, I think the woman who trapping the bobcat and foxes should be checked up on by a game warden. Trapping isn’t the issue for me, I wonder how many she has poached.
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    Jeep gladiator build

    I like that. That pic is what made me want a JT.
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    6x12 cargo trailer lifted for off road, Jeep JKU approved?

    I have the Redarc Tow Pro Elite in my JKUR. My trailer doesn’t weight 1500lbs loaded, but I’m glad I put a brake axle under it. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.
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    4.56 or 4.88s?

    I just put 4.88s in a few weeks ago. I had 4.10s and and they did alright, but 4.88 works so much better. I have an auto and 35s. I mostly regeared to pull the trailer better.