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    SOLD James Baroud Explorer Roof Top Tent

    Where exactly are you and could you wait for a pick up around Jan 13?
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    James Baroud Evasion for sale

    Sold? If not, very interested! Been looking for awhile and haven’t connected..
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    RoofNest Eagle Rooftop Tent

    I also have been looking for a while... where are you located? and is it available for pickup early next week?
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    Sold- Autohome Airtop Medium Tent- TX

    is it a crank setup or gaspowered opening?
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    2019 Roofnest Eagle -- SOLD --

    hi there, I've been looking for a Baroud but having difficulty. Would you say the roofnest is comparable in quality? I'm actually located in Nova Scotia Canada but could drive down your way for pickup.
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    SOLD Autohome Maggiolina Roof Top Tent , hard shell

    I am very interested but could not pick up until early November. Would that work for you?
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    FS: Roofnest Eagle RTT – Bainbridge Island, WA- SOLD

    sorry for delay in response..still waiting for my roof racks.. sigh. I'll be in touch when I can come your way. hopefully it'll be there!
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    James Baroud Discovery XXL Grey RTT

    /is this still available
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    SOLD - RTT ladder

    Is it still available?
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    James Baroud Discovery XXL Grey RTT

    If you’re in Virginia, you’re in my ball park and I’m interested!
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    SOLD Autohome Maggiolina Roof Top Tent , hard shell

    Is this still available?
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    Denver Outfitters Hard Sided Tent For Sale - Fruita, CO

    what's the brand name and how old is the tent?