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  • Hi, It's nice to see a fellow Canadian, much less an Albertan on here. I know it's a little ways but I'm up in Edmonton and if you'd like you're more than welcome to take my truck for a spins and see how you like it. I've read you were looking at importing a JDM pajero. I currently own both a RHD 2.5L diesel JDM spec pajero as well as a LHD North American spec 1992, 3.0L V6 Mitsubishi Montero. The pajero is out of commission and I've been using it as a parts truck. The montero runs just fine. I've spent years and countless $$$ building her up. I've tossed the idea of selling them both for years due to lack of use, but never could get around to doing it. That and I didn't have the heart to sell it to just anyone. After seeing your post I might be persuaded to sell them. I'd prefer to sell them to an expo member or someone who would truly appriciate and use her. Anyway if you're interested. Text me at (780) 399-5085.
    Great talking to you.... Jeff
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