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    building the Bullet XV

    Before I went to Siberia-Mongolia I got an even simpler but very similar system. A 6 gal bucket, a submersible 110v pump and a standard garden hose. It was fortunate because water in those places tends to come out of large high pressure/volume hoses that can’t be used in my tank inlets. I have a...
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    Diesel vs gas engine for camping and General purpose

    This whole discussion is "spun" by the fact that the 6.0/6.4 Navistar/Ford engines were dreadful mistakes; engineered on the back of a napkin. I never hear of similar regrets from owners of MB904-906 engines, MAN 6.9L engines or "even" Ivecos (made by the Fiat group). Of course they don't have...
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    F-150 Diesel

    How is that going to work for heavy vehicles like a 12 ton Unimog camper? Mine holds 162 gal fuel, which has a heating value of 5700 kw-h at 100% efficiency. Assuming the diesel engine /drivetrain has an efficiency of 28% (35% for engine, 80% for drivetrain), and electric motor/drivetrain is...
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    Steyr 12M18 service manual?

    I agree with Greg. My 16’ Unicat is from the last generation, lots of electronics but not interlinked. No failure in 12 yr/100k mi except 1 out of 2 Sterling battery to battery chargers. I assume that they provide wiring diagrams and component manuals. If so things are easy. It’s ironic that you...
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    Big Green Camper spotted, MB truck?

    That is a Mercedes Vario.
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    Steyr 12M18 service manual?

    My advice: you are planning years of living and travel. Why sell the nice Bliss box, you will appreciate it while traveling.
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    Unimog hub temperatures

    Thermocouples that go into the drain plug holes.
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    Unimog hub temperatures

    i think the "oil migration problem" may have more than one cause. In my U500 I was having 20ml/1000mi moving from the right rear to the rear diff. Staiger in Karlsruhe replaced the right rear axle shaft (slightly bent) and sealed bearing and over the next 7000 mi oil migration from right rear...
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    New Photos of the Earthroamer XV-HD ahead of SEMA

    "I think I get why they don't do that now. Its a shame. " We get a little tired of "class warfare" type jealousy from people than can't afford these vehicles and so they dump on them. I don't know if I should apologize but I paid cash for mine. I am very happy with mine and will pass it on to...
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    New Mog Life

    Is that a temperature thermocouple I see in the latest pictures? I have the Atlas system for portals, diffs gearbox and engine oil and I really like it. I have observed portal temps of only 30C over ambient in prolonged highway running in my particular application (U500 has 700cc capacity) I...
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    New Photos of the Earthroamer XV-HD ahead of SEMA

    The U500/Unicat has been good over the last 12yrs/100K mi. Top speed is 70 but I do cruise at 57-60 in North America. Anything with 395/85R20s or comparable shouldn't go much faster than that. Plus even at 57mph rpms are 1850, 84% of peak hp rpm
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    New Photos of the Earthroamer XV-HD ahead of SEMA

    Yes. Roro shipping from east coast (Halifax NS is by far the best due to not having to deal with US govt and port security BS) to Antwerp is about $4k and quite painless using Seabridge to book. A drop in the bucket considering camper box price. And one has the opportunity to take a “test trip “...
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    Super Duallies any good off-road

    My Unimog protocol when getting stuck is imminent or actually has happened: 1) engage low range 2) lock center and rear diffs (also front if already stuck) 3) lower tire pressure to about 35% (CTIS is a useful luxury) My question to you dually guys: is it ok to lower dually pressure temporarily...
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    New Photos of the Earthroamer XV-HD ahead of SEMA

    Why not? A comparable Unicat would actually cost LESS.
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    An Axe - Seriously?

    In the back of my camper I carry a pulaski, 2 shovels, a bow saw and machete. Among many other things. Usually a manual tree limb remover as well.