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    70 series- engine choice

    I don’t think the OP is interested in remapped engines or old engines that are no longer available. His choices are the 1 HZ or the V-8. I would take the single turbo version of the V8. He is looking for something reliable that he can use over long-distance traveling. At least I think so
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    GXV Patagonia on the Kenworth K370 chassis

    I can categorically attest that the ride on washboard of my similar large tire heavy vehicle improves markedly airing down to 67-70% of road pressure.
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    Hold my Coffee ! another manual transmission swap thread

    BTW when I had an 88 F350 with ZF-5 the shift quality markedly improved when I switched from stock Mercon ATF to Redline MTL 75W80.
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    Express 3500 locker?

    First suggestion is to let us know specifically about the rear axle: make, model, ring gear diameter, axle shaft diameter and gear ratio. It is your vehicle, you should do the research. Or else contact a vendor that can profit from the research like forum supporter Nitro Gear.
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    Landcruiser Axle Weight Capacity

    1) LC axles might be too narrow 2) 70 series rear axles often have a 5000 lb (2250 kg) rear GAWR but front might be lower. What is the Dyna’s rear GAWR? 3) find out the Dyna’s ring gear and axle shaft diameters. The LC is 225mm and 33mm respectively. Downsizing is not a very good idea. 4)...
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    Landcruiser Axle Weight Capacity

    Are you looking to convert the Dyna to 4wd? I believe 4wd is a Dyna option. What is the Dyna ‘s bolt pattern? What are GAWRs on the placard on the vehicle now?
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    Jacks for expedition vehicles

    12 ton hydraulic jacks x 2, inflatable air bag goes up to 48”
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    Anyone heard of Acela Trucks before?

    Yes but again remember 1st for FMTV is 6.93 and only 4.14 for the M900s . And Steel Soldiers is rife with accounts of T1138-11s “blowing up “
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    Anyone heard of Acela Trucks before?

    The 1138 has a great 0.732 high range, rpm in top gear even with stock 7.8s would be only 2000 at 60. However the 3700SP is designed for a married TC and I believe the 1138 is divorced. Also its’ torque rating is only 6500 ft-lb. 6.93 x 860 x 2(for torque converter) = 12000
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    Anyone heard of Acela Trucks before?

    the 3116/3126? or the C7? The article says C7 are common rail. BTW I enquired with Acela re a T30 2 spd transfer case and they answered in the affirmative, for a fair amount of money.
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    Unimog longer wheel studs

    Try Neil Webster at parts dept in Germany. It has a 22mm shank and thread. Just out of curiosity what is the offset (“ET”) of your wheels? Mine are 90mm, which means my track is 142mm wider (1970mm), makes the tipping angle about 2.5 deg greater
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    Unimog longer wheel studs

    you could try A000 401 2971 85mm long 22mm diameter
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    2017 Australian Unimog camper for sale.

    Why would someone build a truck like that and use it for 1yr and 20Kkm and then announce “done with travel “? Just a rhetorical question Only $US255k It has all the right options - working gears, CTIS, EAS (automatic shifting of manual trans). Only drawbacks are tiny black water tank (19L) and...