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    Is it possible to get one of these hightop TroopCarriers (or reasonable facsimile) in North America?

    Short answer yes it is possible. Since you are in Canada, it needs to be 15 years or older. However if you are in Quebec, then you cannot register a RHD vehicle in that province. If you are elsewhere you should be okay, but hurry up because B.C. is looking into closing that door too. We did...
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    2019 Baja XL... who's in?

    I have been really tempted to join this rally!! Unfortunately (or fortunately) I will be "rallying" through Uruguay and Argentina at that time. Please keep us posted
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    whatever happened to all the cool rigs?

    I like the idea but i think we should rename the thread - any suggestion?
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    Project Little Van - Daily Vanagon/Adventure Rig

    Hey are you dropping the front fuel tank to replace the seals? I have an extra kit you can have for free if you haven't bought it yet. Just pm I have been restoring a VW Westfalia Syncro part time for the last 3 I know what you are going through. At this point, pretty much...
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    From a Syncro to a TroopCarrier...

    Having spent 5 years myself driving a TroopCarrier around the world, and having had a few Syncro's, I can relate to this story...
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    The Road Chose Me: Driving a Jeep Wrangler 80,000 miles around Africa for 2 years

    Dan thanks for the update. I missed Burundi last time I was in that region, and I regret it....I will go back.
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    Dodge Ram with portal axles

    Thanks - I somehow did not realize it was in the winter. I was picturing this truck going up a river in the summer towing fuel...
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    Any law against tourists travelling with foreign registered RHD vehicle in the States & Canada?

    Some issues have been reported in Costa Rica and El Salvador, but nothing that I am aware of in Canada/USA.
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    Why I like all trucks

    It was me who axed it. This topics always seem to degenerate and I really do not have the time to start babysitting. There seems to be a pattern of 3-4 individuals who somehow always managed to get involved in any hot topics these days.
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    how to delete a post?

    yes just report it to me, I don't believe you can delete other people's posts on your thread
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    Why I'll never buy another Chevy!

    Fun is over. Thread locked
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    Dodge Ram with portal axles

    Am I the only one who finds this a bit strange? "I built it to pull Jet-A fuel up a river in remote Alaska for a Heliskiing company"
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    4x4 ford Van from McMurdo Station Antarctica!

    Per our rules, please put a price. Also I moved it to the correct section.
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    Found a unique looking Defender

    This is crazy!! buy them all....we'll help you after that...
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    Toyota Tacoma 4x4 2016 Overland Motorhome

    Interesting! Apparently the third one they build: