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    Patriot X1 (white) BRAND NEW - SOLD

    So $2,000 off a trailer that we have no idea what the selling price is?
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    2013 ram 2500 $23750 SOLD SOLD SOLD.

    Wow, worst for sale thread ever.
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    Opinions Solicited USED EarthRoamer? worth the $$

    I agree modern pickups don't ride very well.
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    Opinions Solicited USED EarthRoamer? worth the $$

    You asked "worth the $$" No, none of them are. Much better options out there for less money, don't be a sheep and do what everyone else does. Watch Bill Spencer's video about how to import from Germany and search on, all of these below are LHD and legal for import.
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    extremely vehicles GmbH - Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ80 expedition mobile

    Legal for import: First Registration 11/1993 $99,500
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    Expedition Vehicle selection thoughts?

    Some nice examples that are built and just need to be imported, all are 25 years old or older. These are all out of my price range but I'm heading to Germany in August and will see whats available at that time in the $70k or less range...
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    Kinetic suspension problems on landcruser 200

    The only maintenance that most people do is applying grease to the valve screws to prevent rust. Other than that I haven't heard of anyone having problems with KDSS.
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    200 Series Newbie Questions

    You need to decide if you want a mid sized pickup or a SUV. The two vehicle you are trying to compare have nothing in common.
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    Latest Photo?

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    Southwest Disk or Tembo Tusk Skottle?

    Thanks for posting this..... Had never heard of Southwest Disk, but I'd be leaning heavily toward that 22" disk. There are hundreds of single outdoor burners on Amazon, I'm sure you could find one that gets pretty compact when not in use.
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    EPIC Equipt Warehouse Sale! (Thread 1)

    I totally would have helped unload but I was on my way to work, if you need volunteers for the next one let me know in advance. Chris
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    EPIC Equipt Warehouse Sale! (Thread 1)

    Not sure what he did here, looks like the Harbor Freight cans with a different cap and a couple holes drilled in the bracket? I think with the proper Wavian NATO cans the release tab is blocked by the bracket. When you find out post up here cus I need to get a couple cans...