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    Scepter MFC cleaning tips?

    Pour a gallon of gas in, swish it around, pour the gas out into your lawn mower using a coffee filter on the fill port to filter out any debris. You will be fine after that for fueling your pickup.
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    This looks promising. Can't wait to hear about the tomorrows. :)
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    What is NEEDED for a decent overland set up?

    If that isn't keeping it real, I don't know what is.
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    Hopefully Alaska-Ready KLR650

    I tell ya what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna keep the state where it is for as long as it takes you to attempt to conquer it again... :bike_rider:
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    Gas Gas Dakar Rally Bike

    That is the sexiest bike I have ever laid my eyes on... :drool:
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    Location of RTT on Frontier questions

    PM me your email, I'll send you the GPX of Route 4. This GoogleMaps link has the area with some great campsites.,-120.088034&spn=0.008654,0.01929&t=h&z=16
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    Location of RTT on Frontier questions

    Thanks for the compliment on the truck, I've got a lot of time and money invested in her. :) If by sliders you mean rock sliders, I have never found a use for them other than as a step for my wife and son. If you spend another night, make sure you get past US26 north east of Prineville in the...
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    2005-2011 Xterra ARB bumper

    They are entirely different front ends. Same engine, but the frame and body are entirely different.
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    Location of RTT on Frontier questions

    Not really. You're dealing with dynamic ratings vs static setups when occupying the tent. The roof ratings by manufacturers are for dynamic situations= situation where the vehicle is in motion and the roof is loaded with gear. The truck parked in a campsite is a static situation where the roof...
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    Location of RTT on Frontier questions

    Got mine installed. Here's a few photos- (The tallest girl and shortest boy are mine, the rest just stood in to help class up the photo) Bobby is a fantastic guy and installed it on location. I got the annex as well and spent a great weekend in Bend after the install running the OBDR...
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    Touratech Pacific Northwest Adventure Rally

    Yeah, I had always wanted to go, but the price point is just too rich for my blood. And my blood pumps 10w40 in a 'zuki V-twin, which isn't what the Touratech crowd caters to anyway (although it supports it)... Clear as mud? No I won't be attending. :) although I would like to just to do it.
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    Location of RTT on Frontier questions

    I have a canopy and two crossbars, and two crossbars on my roof. I plan on mounting across three crossbars, both of the bars on the canopy, and one on the roof. I plan on getting another crossbar on the front and putting 1/2 my yakima load warrior mounted on that to maintain some cargo space...
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    Location of RTT on Frontier questions

    I'm going down to pick up my Mt Rainier model on Friday. I'll take pics for here. The good thing is the Frontier has the best load rating for a roof in it's class. (I had a bookmark for that study, but I lost it when my computer crashed).