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    Question about replacing military wheels/tires on M416 trailer with Toyota OEM wheels

    I don’t. I measured width and spring perches and gave them that info. Sorry.
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    Latest Photo?

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    What is the best year for the 100 series Land Cruiser?

    You might be thinking of the FJ80 or FZJ80...four door wagon, factory option lockers front and rear. If you are looking for a rear locker in a 100, 98 and 99.
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    2019 Tundra

    This thread is hilarious. We are on an EXPEDITION PORTAL griping about infotainment systems, 10k pound tow ratings on half ton pickups, and dated interiors where back seats in our five foot bed pickups don't recline and there's not a good place to set an iPhone. I'm going to pour a whiskey and...
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    2019 Tundra

    Here’s my anecdotal thoughts. Had a ‘13 F150 SCLB Ecoboost. Never did anything wrong. Suspension was lacking for towing a bumper pull trailer so I added air bags which helped greatly. The front end felt soft and too Lincoln like so I added coil over Bilsteins. Sort of liked the ride but never in...
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    Latest Photo?

    Couple of desert shuttles this spring.
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    1990 FJ62 For Sale (Diesel)

    I've personally been around this one and it's nice.
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    Snow Peak BBQ w/ 1550 Pelican Case

    I'll take it.
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    Boise Meet Up

    I might swing by but it will be tight for time. Snowgeek, you must be Ryan F. I'm Pierce's buddy Nate. We met a couple years ago.
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    Gauging interest on new tailgate cover

    Actually, Wagongear doesn't have what we need. I've been watching his site for 2 years waiting for him to build more 80 tailgates and haven't seen one. I'm sure I've missed a couple but if he doesn't reliably have stock to sell, is he a parts vendor or a hobbyist with a small side business you...
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    Latest Photo?

    Hit me up.
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    Latest Photo?

    Hey Dan, cool spot up there. I'd like to go back. Welcome to the Cruiser world.
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    Latest Photo?

    Tres 80s in Idaho.
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    Expedition Portal Welcomes DECKED!

    Decked! I've had mine for about a year and use it all the time. Currently is rigged with my fly gear and camping stuff so I can catch a hatch anytime I'm driving through somewhere. Was using it as a mobile shooting platform in this pic.