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    My new desert Rover

    Can you supply additional pics?
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    Large floor less tents

    Yes you can. What you are showing in your link is the equivalent of what I said above - "You can get them in more modern fabrics that are lighter and just as strong and resistant". And what you say - "...they are really what Berber shelters are..." - can be applied to ALL tents.
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    Large floor less tents

    Stayed in one a few times in the Sahara, that's why I'm interested in getting one. You can get them in more modern fabrics that are lighter and just as strong and resistant.
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    Large floor less tents

    I really like the traditional wall tent, especially the classic safari style one and the Baker one, but have really been interested in getting a small, traditional style Bedouin tent.
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    Large floor less tents

    Floorless tents have been used for centuries; I used them in the Army. If you know what you're doing moisture, rain and snow isn't an issue.
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    Who ordered a New Defender ?

    Not even if they gave it to me. Don't want, or need a soccer mom car.
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    What’s This in my Fuse Box?

    My Land Rover has only 2 fuses, will be upgrading to 4 in a few days!
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    The Official Bacon Thread. (Got your attention?)

    Candied bacon is awesome. We went to a chocolate tasting a few years back in the big. Something I wasn't too sure about trying, but did was using bacon, covered in hot, spicy infused dark chocolate as stirrer for strong coffee with cream. The cream helped smooth the chocolate and bacon...
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    The Official Bacon Thread. (Got your attention?)

    It is an awesome combination... let me toss another at you. Bacon and jalapeno, or red pepper flakes or sriracha infused dark chocolate.
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    Imported Defender question

    Intresting.... on the old Series Rovers the 'VIN' number is the chassis number. It doesn't correspond with the format of the modern vin system here in KS. The Sheriff's officer in of inspecting out-of-State vehicles didn't give a rat's butt about it. All he did was make sure the "VIN" number...
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    Imported Defender question's their job to provide you with answers. Check your State's DMV website for registering vehicles bought out of State. They probably have something considering the abundance of online auto auctions such as eBay and Bringatrailer.
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    Imported Defender question

    Good point, don't offer the import info unless they ask.
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    Imported Defender question

    Not sure if you MUST have the importation paperwork or not, but considering issues with other imported ones I'd definitely have it ready. Each State's DMV requirements are different in general so it wouldn't hurt to call your local DMV and ask about that as well as other requirements. My Rover...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Do these count?
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    Yeti Chair

    Swiss Link Military Surplus was running a sale of the British Army Issue "Fishing Chair". I have a couple of identical chairs, can't recall the name right now. They are incredibly comfortable, lightweight and easy to store. They...