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    Time for a change?

    I’m in the keep it camp! A newer rig will have more power and comfort, but you can’t replace the character! I had a ‘91 and kick myself for getting rid of it. It was slow and a little squeaky, but it was awesome.
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    Some Project Rigs...

    Wow, cool rigs!
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    HL Jacks - Really dangerous?

    I have a scary hi-lift story that was completely user error. When I was 17 (first problem), I had a full sized blazer with 35s. Got a flat one day and, of course, I had my hi-lift because all of the cool kids carried them. Didn't want to bend a bumper or scratch anything so I stuck the jack into...
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    Old's Cool

    In high school I had a 92 pathfinder that was a great rig. One of a few I wish I'd kept.