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    2004 Chevy Tahoe Z71 Front/Rear Bumper option

    I have a trailready prerunner bumper on my 03 Yukon. looks good, but is very heavy (I had to install a levelling kit to get it to ride properly and stop sitting on the bump stops all the time). they seem to have a good selection of bumpers for this era of gm vehicle.
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    Luxury Chase Truck Build [2007 F250-Carli Coilover]

    just so you know, plugging the sidewall of the tire like that is unsafe, theres a risk of blowouts. I would recommend replacing those tires ASAP.
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    Possible to go from 20" rims to 16" rims?

    I can confirm (having tried it) that 16 inch wheels will not fit. 07+ chevy and gmc suvs and 1500s need at least 17inch wheels.
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    Toyota tundra tire

    ive had good success with nitto terra grapplers, if you want a good tire that's more highway focused, the nitto dura grappler might work
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    Winter tires/ steel wheels

    just to clarify. the cone lugnuts (used factory with oe steel wheels) will work with any generic winter steel wheel or oe steel wheel. the style with the flange/washer for factory aluminium wheels will not work. any tire store/dealer/etc should be able to get you a suitable lugnut
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    Pizza Cutter question...

    for studded tires I'd recommend nokian (either the hakkapelitta 8 or LT2 depending on size/ply rating). note that these are dedicated winter tires, not for summer use. Yes they are very expensive (usually a little more than Michelin) but they are THE best tires available for on road winter use
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    New TPMS

    its actually the truck getting reprogrammed, not the sensors. each sensor has a unique id code, the truck has to be told which codes to look for. also, if your truck has the factory tpms reset button under the dash, do not push this after changing sensors until the truck has had the new sensors...
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    Question about bull bars and bumpers

    I have a plate bumper on my truck (03 gmc Yukon), from my experience with that, be prepared to upgrade suspension at the same time as the bumper is installed. I didn't, and the front suspension drooped enough that it was riding on the bumpstops, which split in half. I put in a cheap leveling kit...
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    Help me select new tires - Which have you liked or disliked?

    I have nitto terra grapplers on my truck. not to loud on the highway (mild hum, nothing excessive). I haven't tested them much offroad, but ive read a lot of good things about them online. and there road manners are good.