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    Cargo Glide

    Thanks for the input and I will post there as well. I was curious if any of the full size guys use them. They are expensive but I have a chance to get one at a very good price. Also I am talking about the bed slide not the wall slide you have linked.
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    Cargo Glide

    Anyone using or have experience with the Cargo Glide system? I am contemplating installing one in my F-250. Seems convenient for getting to gear.
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    SOLD Off-Road trailer with RTT Bakersfield Ca

    How is the stability of the trailer when your in the tent and its not hooked to the truck? Cant tell but are there jacks underneath? Great looking setup.
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    2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon with Ursa Minor Camper For Sale

    Interested. Would love to see some pictures of this rig.
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    Hi guys, new member and posting a build thread.

    Mine is a F250. Very versatile. I didn't do a shell because I was worried how it would hold up with lots of rough off-road miles. I may change my mind at some point because having a spot that you can keep gear clean and out of the elements is nice. Looking forward to see how the build goes.
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    **SOLD** Freespirit Journey XL offroad 2015 $4000.

    Hmmmm.....Very tempting. Wonder if it can be lifted for a higher stance and clearance.
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    Budget, but brand new, Fullsize expo rig ideas.

    Thanks. I get anywhere from 13-17mpg highway. Towing or with the RTT on is another story. But we don't buy these rigs for their fuel economy;)
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    Budget, but brand new, Fullsize expo rig ideas.

    Lariat, Crew, bed liner, bed rack with tent, KO2's, and have fun.
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Touring Death Valley, Saline Valley, and Panamint Valley.....some of my favorite places on earth.
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    All-Pro Pack Rack for Tundra

    Yes sorry. Chico,Ca. North of Sacramento.
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    All-Pro Pack Rack for Tundra

    Great rack but sold my Tundra. Local pickup only. $275 The accessories on the rack do not come with it. Painted black but could use a respray.
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    All-Pro Pack Rack for Tundra

    Bump...price reduced to $275obo
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    All-Pro Pack Rack for Tundra

    Its a great rack and I would keep it but it doesn't fit the new F-250:)
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    All-Pro Pack Rack for Tundra

    Sold my Tundra so parting ways with this awesome rack. Used with a large RTT with no issues ever. Could use a new cote of paint. This rack is STOUT! Asking $300. Available for pick up only. Save yourself some cash. Rack does not come with any of the attached accessories in the pictures. Located...