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    My M1101 and M1102 Buying Experience and Build Thread

    It's pretty easy, put some regular white LED bulbs in the black out lights location. Remove the black out plastic cover piece in the lens. Then just connect the wire that goes to them to the reverse wire in the seven pin harness.
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    Advice needed: bending/molding plastic flares to fit

    I'd just cut it where it needs it and then use the cut off portion to make a cap for the hole. Use a soldering iron to melt the patch back in.
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    M1101 Adventure Base Camp AKA "ABC" Formally "College Adventure Build"

    Yep did almost the exact same to mine. Just went with a standard hitch and the chains closer to the hitch. Here you can see just how far changing to regular tires bring the height down. Those are dodge rims with 265/75r16 tires. I have since changed to six lug hubs that match my chevys, and...
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    Project Nomad: 1986 GMC Jimmy Sierra Classic

    The center hole on the H3 front is the same as the square body. But the silverado rim center holes are too small, and the offset is not ideal. Read the thread, covers a bunch of the info. The center hole on the Silverado rims can actually be opened up with a regular router. There are some...
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    Project Nomad: 1986 GMC Jimmy Sierra Classic

    You have to call or email to get the brackets. You can fit 16" rims depending on the rim itself, but 15's will never happen, even with drums. The reason for the braking improvement is the larger brake surface. The Wilwood stuff works better than the stock 1950 brake design, but doesn't come...
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    Project Nomad: 1986 GMC Jimmy Sierra Classic

    For the front brakes.................. Pure Chevy Sex The rear, yep larger 8.6 axle. Any 10 bolt spring axle is an easy job. The 99 up new style Silverado alxe is perfect for square bodies. The rims in my pics are close to zero offset. I've lost a couple pics in the photobucket crap, but have...
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    Project Nomad: 1986 GMC Jimmy Sierra Classic

    Another option, which I have, is to swap to a 99-07 new style 10 bolt. It's a really easy swap if you use one from a truck as apposed to a SUV (spring vs coils). All you do is remove the bump stops and weld on new spring pads, then move the shock mounts. Even the driveshaft with bolt up. Same 6...
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    Another Hummer Trailer Build

    12v conversion is an easy job on them. Basically just swap bulbs. Big decision for you is how you want to connect to the pulling vehicle. They make a harness adaptor, you could swap the entire assembly to the harness box, you can cut the mil end off and put a 7 lug end on it. I went with...
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    2003 Silverado Z71 solid axle build

    Might be enough room to squeeze a 1500 crew cab in there without messing with wheel base. Stuff is still looking GREAT!
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    M1102 starting build

    Yep, then ANY 8 lug rim that is pre-metric will work fine. I prefer to check craigslist and used tire shops for stock rims. Last set I got was from dodge, but any that are not modern metric work great. example...
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    M1102 starting build

    Pretty much any older 8 lug rim will work. The newer the rim the less likely it will work. What do you plan to tow it with? If it doesn't have 8 lugs you might think about swapping the brakes drums to six lug and then run what ever six lug you want.
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    M1101 Advice

    With a Jeep I recommend you swap the mil tires for regular ones. Big drop in trailer weight and height, and no loss of carrying capacity.
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    My M1101 Project

    Nice job, looks strangely familiar...................................... Eventually I'll pull the standard hitch and add a channel mount to it, making for easier height and hitch style changes.
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    My M1101 Project

    You can re-tighten those riv-nuts pretty easily. How a riv-nut works................... And how I've always done mine using nuts, bolts, and washers............................
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    1983 Chevrolet K10 (Canadian)

    If the welds aren't leaking, no reason to even touch them. Not a spot weld, it's a rosette weld. No need to fill it up.