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    Grand Cherokee

    I didn't catch if you mentioned what year you are looking at but there are currently 3 different flavors...ZJ, WJ, WK I've got a 2004 WJ...I love it, easy to lift (2.5"=$125), easy to work on. Like some of the posts above mention some of the more "luxury" items on the upgraded models are...
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    Who has the Red LED Headlamp?

    I have a Petzl Tikka Plus that has an available lens kit: red, green, and a spare clear lens. Worked really well for night time navigation while driving and beats having multiple head lamps.
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    Sand ladder SCORE!

    Sorry it took so long guys, but the quote from McNichols... "McNICHOLS Quality Square Molded Grating, Fiberglass SGF, Gray 2" Square Grid, 2" Height, Gray Grit Surface, 72% Open Area, Panel, 48.0000" Width X 144.0000" Length $881.00" ends up being about $150 per pair (at 12"x48")...not...
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    Truck tent

    genius! :D
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    Gordons Well "Go Fast Car" Testing and Pics 11-10-06!!

    :smiley_drive: Yeah! That's a good way to spend a Friday afternoon! (Are you hooked Kevin? You can't afford another toy!!!)
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    Joshue Tree Climbing (sorta) Trip 10-27-10/29

    Man, those are some BLUE skies! Is that Willys just abandoned!?
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    ARB EZ tire deflator

    here's a good deflator shoot-out... I have the Oasis deflators...two of them are fantastic,two of them keep sticking...kind of annoying.
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    Sand ladder SCORE!

    Where did you get yours from? (I have McNichols working on a quote for me...I'll post up info when I hear from them.)
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    OMG OMG OMG!!! AEV Camper

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    Skunkworks JK's at SEMA Show

    These JK's might just make up for the neutering of the Grand Cherokee, and the Commander, and the Compass...well, not the Compass :smilies27
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    Sand ladder SCORE!

    Score! I've had Fibergrate and McNichols book marked for a while, I've been meaning to call and get quotes... If there was other interested parties I might be into getting a large sheet, slicing it up, and sharing it with others...
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    Expedition Trophy: Pic / Video / Trip Reports

    Welcome back guys and gals...looking forward to the pictures and stories!
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    Need Help with Titles for Photos....

    Hey BT were you looking over my shoulder before I finally posted my suggestions or what!? :D Further evidence that great minds think alike! I actually had "kindred spirits" for the cubs but switched it last minute!
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    Need Help with Titles for Photos....

    Here are my thoughts... Maasai: Sentinel Road Scene: Intersection of Distinctions Cubs: Legacy Lion: Potency of a Gaze Elephant w/Bird: Kindred Spirits (reminds me of that Tom Waits song about the bird and whale that fall in love) Sunset: Mystic Layers of Ngorongoro Great photos!
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    Why LRNA Should import Defender 110s

    Actually I was talking about the balloon tied to his front bumper! I Think Graham took it to a whole other level (or maybe down to a new low!) :ylsmoke: