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    37” tyres - opinions on what you have

    depending on what load rating you need the 129 rated hankook MT that AAV has is more of an aggressive AT than a full blown MT and are a good tyre.
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    Spare wheel winch/lift/crane -ideas, please?

    Deadlifts mate. lots and lots of deadlifts
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    Extending my frame need info

    Hey mate can you post some pictures of that? we are planning on something similiar.
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    Best lighting setup to see cattle at night

    I had a rigid industries 20inch SR series lightbar in the driving pattern on my old patrol combined with two lightforce 240 halogen spotlights. with the light bar on there was no need for the spotlights. the RI light bar was 120watts or 5amp@24v. I now have a 30inch dual row Korr lightbar and 4...
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    Subframe fabricators in southwestern US?

    try talking to a truck builder that does things like rigid trucks with spray tanks or fuel tanks as sometimes they are spring mounted to save the tanks. other option is these guys are in Oregon which doesnt look to far away.
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    A Fuso FG hybrid

    Ive looked for my NPS. It is an older non turbo model and Im in the process of getting a turbo kit for it. I had thought a reasonable hybrid setup would do what I wanted with some additional power when going up hills or when the sand is really soft but I've looked and couldn't find much. there...
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    The fastest my Fuso has traveled, so far

    my old NPS non turbo hit 62mph the other day. I had to pull over and have a moment it was all very exciting.
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    The LandCruiser Project is officially a go !!!!........

    hey mate. bringing up an old thread but roughly how much was the body from styro max? we are looking to build something a similar size for our truck
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    Wheel balancing in Brisbane - beads?

    Not sure what super singles you have but I got mine from and they were pretty well balanced from the get go. Perhaps they can help if you bought them from there or even if you didn't? I had used the beads in a motorcycle and it wasn't a bad solution, nice and smooth...
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    Jack to suit 6000kg truck on that link on the second page theres a 6ton jack with 305mm stroke and is only 6.5kg I have emailed them for a price.
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    Diesel mechanic in Brisbane area with experience in our vehicles

    Id be keen to hear if there is anyone around brisbane preferably northside that is good with the trucks. Ive had two different workshops look at my truck 3 times for what appears to be diff oil leaking from the hub area and have had hub seals and axle seals replaced at significant cost and...
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    Front Recovery Points

    kind of on topic but does anyone make a bolt in winch cradle for an NPS? mines a 2002. I was going to get something made but if theres a off the shelf solution thats a good option.
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    Fuso Frame drawing on Google Sketchup

    Im with you on the subscription model I hate it. if you are looking to buy something try bricscad. autocad style interface, .dwg format compatible, not a subscription and reasonably priced. place i used to work was mainly microstation based but was considering adding acad to the mix but didnt...
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    Fuso Frame drawing on Google Sketchup

    fair enough and I share your distrust of the cloud but for most things it probably doesn't matter if they take your designs. it depends what your budget is and what you are trying to achieve. if you dont want to pay for solid works but want alot of the functionality including FEA and simulations...
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    Fuso Frame drawing on Google Sketchup

    Ive been using it now for 18+ months and alot of people in the 3d printing world have been using it for years without issue. its a similar type of operating system to acad and bricscad. once you get the method and lingo for one of the more proffesional packages they are all reasonably similiar...