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    Pequod - A 2019 Ram Power Wagon Build

    Nater - I just purchased the identical truck and still waiting it to arrive. I notice you are going with sliders over the black tubular side steps. Is you have a wife and new baby coming, how are you going to get them into the truck? I could barely get into one they had on the lot without the...
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    NASHVILLE PICK UP ONLY - Diamond Back Gull Wing - HD - 2015 era Ford F250 Bed Cover- Black

    This listing is for NASHVILLE Tennessee pick up only - I WILL NOT SHIP. This is for a black (bed liner coated) DiamondBack bed cover. This is the HD model and will support 1600lbs. on the back. Also has tie-down cleats all around. It also locks with keys (I have both). Will come with all...
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    Carhartt Canvas Seat Covers - 2015 Era Ford F250 - Grey

    These canvas seat covers are in like new condition. My truck only had 27K miles and just traded for a new Power Wagon. Unfortunately these covers will not fit it, so they will be going. New, these sold for $628 front and rear. I'm selling for $450 and will ship at owners expense. More pictures...
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    Earthroamer For Sale

    The problem with this thread is the lack of diplomacy from fellow overlanders and a blatant desire to be banned from these forums for not adhering to the terms of use that everyone agrees to when they sign up. There are several here (and I won't name you by name as you know who you are) who...
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    *** VAN HAS BEEN RECOVERED*** 4x4 Van STOLEN in Portland OR June 4th

    This thread has turned into a non-gentlemanly and un-related posts that have nothing to do with the fact that this van was recovered. I'm locking it down. Thanks
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    VORSHEER - Introducing Ourselves

    Sirs, this thread is drifting outside the Gentlemanly protocol you agreed to when signing our terms of use for this site. If you have a grievance, take it offline to settle. This simply isn't the place.
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    2017 Global Expedition Vehicle, Patagonia 4x4 Toy Hauler & 2009 Munson Landing Craft Boat

    Michael - Please post your price in your ad. (Per terms of use). Thanks D
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    Censorship on Expedition Portal?

    I'll clarify that I cannot remember if it was the OP or not, but it was more than one person, and it involved a bulk majority of the thread. Removing all of those posts rendered the thread a gabbled mess of responses to posts that no longer existed. Locking thread now. D
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    My wranglers steering is too sensitive, help!

    Removed links - One more post with links and he's banned.
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    SOLD: 2018 Airstream 19'CB Flying Cloud light trail ready - Lakewood, CA

    I'd encourage you to look how quickly you sold your Airstream. I've not lost money on one yet. I dare say that may not be the case with any other brand(s).
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    SOLD: 2018 Airstream 19'CB Flying Cloud light trail ready - Lakewood, CA

    I had no idea you'd gotten an Airstream! I vote for another airstream. I'll offer this unsolicited statement - instead of the 25, go for the 27FB. The extra room won't make that much difference on the road, but in the bedroom, it's night and day.
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    1994 Land Rover Disco 5.3 v8

    Tyler - you are required by the terms of use to put a price please or I'll have to remove the ad. Thanks
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    SOLD: Filson Men's Short Lined Cruiser Jacket Size L

    Are you selling the Suunto?
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    FS on BaT: 2000 silver Europa w463 G500

    It has been decided that this post will stand as an auction notification - rather than a "for sale" post. Carry on.