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    Airway Beacons and Petroglyphs in Utah's west desert

    Those can be found all over Nevada also. Both the large arrows that were used for airplane navigation and the petroglyphs!
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    Dealing with Dusty Roads

    I travel mainly dirt roads with my 2007 E350. The air intake being where it is, it is not ingesting dirty air unless you are traveling close behind another vehicle. In 50 years of driving Nevada dirt roads I've not found keeping the air filter clean a problem. If you want to carry a spare, as...
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    vehicle wiNdow treatments

    I wish I had a "widow" to treat me to a Jeep like that!
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    F150 with the Heavy Duty Payload Package?

    Don't know what "issues" you've heard about...but when I decided on a new F150 in late 2015 I started reading and researching extensively and I've been keeping up with what is being said about them ever since. My conclusion from that research is that both the Ecoboost engines since 2015 have...
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    High Elevation modifications

    Agree! I was very impressed with how effortlessly my Ecoboost motored over both Loveland and Monarch passes without having to shift down!
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    2019 F150- Big Red; Project "Basecamp"

    Good luck with that. A hundred miles of severe washboard-covered road will vibrate/tear apart stuff you never dreamed of. Ask me how I know! Never owned a travel trailer or toy hauler so I don't know how they handle washboards. Could be if equipped with tandem axles that could smooth out the...
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    Extendable tongue? Regrets?

    I custom ordered my Aluma trailer with an extended tongue. Added $100 to the cost and was well worth it for the extra clearance.
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    Which Overland Vehicle and Why?

    I'm waiting to see how the new diesel Wrangler does in the real world. My Rubicon has averaged 15 mpg over the past 9 years. Car and Driver recently put 750 miles on one of the new 4 door Wrangler diesels (much heavier than my 2 door) and averaged 25 mpg. To me, that's huge. With a 20...
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    Which Overland Vehicle and Why?

    Carry those in all my rigs - and get to use them often. There's times I even have to strap a set onto my Yamaha Kodiak as seen in this photo. Used both tools for about 3 hours that day to fix the road up well enough to get the Kodiak up to the cabin.
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    Which Overland Vehicle and Why?

    Sir, you obviously have never been west of the Mississippi. Most of the western states I travel have many areas that are several hours from civilization. Several hours from a gas station. Very few paved roads! But those dirt roads are all "legal" and they are all "scenic"! Below photo -...
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    Random Scenic Shots

    Mirror image of the Eugene Mountains in northern Nevada at sunset. The salt flat is covered with water perhaps an inch deep to provide the mirror. Sagebrush looks like it is floating.
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    Truck Suggestions? Let's hear your TC hauler thoughts!

    Wow! "Race Car Noises"? 5,000+ RPM? No way I could handle listening to that. I'd be all stressed out by the end of a day's driving.
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    Truck Suggestions? Let's hear your TC hauler thoughts!

    You need to come out to Nevada in the spring right after the dirt roads are graded. They DO NOT rake the rocks they tore out of the ground off the road surface. I once had four flats in 130 miles of dirt road in my E-rated tires and let me tell you, rock breaks are hard to patch with plugs...
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    Truck Suggestions? Let's hear your TC hauler thoughts!

    There's some models of slide-in campers that have a drop-down portion that goes right in back of the end of the truck bed and covers up the hole that you use to access the spare tire winch assembly. I made sure when I bought my camper that it DID NOT block that access port.
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    ¿What tire size do you wish existed? But does not.

    ^This. Out of the 4 rigs I own, my old TJ is the only one that can still fit 16" rims over the brakes. Everything else requires at least 17"