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    2016-2017 F150 4x4 EcoBoost - Real world experiences??

    I think there must be some other factor involved. I did a lot of research before I decided on the 3.5 Ecoboost; if you spend as much time on the F150 forums as I did you'll see there is almost no discussion of anyone having a turbo problem. Secondly, I have been a miner all my life - and the...
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    Most capable, dependable, affordable truck camper truck?

    I'd try to find a Dodge/Cummins like the Jefe drives for ultimate dependability and toughness. Especially with the 6 speed manual tranny. Mine's a dually, 2004 model year, that I found with only 55,000 miles on it. It will probably last me the rest of my life.
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    2016-2017 F150 4x4 EcoBoost - Real world experiences??

    Pretty darn easy with these trucks if you have the 36 gallon tank. As I said above, my lifetime average is 20.9 mpg - running 80+ mph sucks the gas - but if I'm not spending a lot of time on the freeway the mileage is superb. See my photo I just took below. 134 miles since I filled the truck...
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    2016-2017 F150 4x4 EcoBoost - Real world experiences??

    Special ordered my 2016 F150 XLT 3.5 Ecoboost 3.55 gears...just so I would not have to put up with the auto start/stop feature and be a beta tester for the new 10 speed transmission coming out in 2017. 32,000 miles on it so far and it has been flawless. Not one thing has gone wrong that I...
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    Random Scenic Shots

    At the Lava Beds in northern Nevada...
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    Garmin Overlander

    ^This. Garmin is doing everything they can to alienate their customer base. They went from Mapsource to Basecamp as a means of creating tracks and routes - and now they are abandoning Basecamp. I found that out when I tried to send another mapset to my Montana. No go. Apparently the latest...
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    Need help with offline mapping

    Not at all. You, like so many others, assume that everyone lives in an area where high speed internet is a given. But a lot of us live where there is no high speed internet - there are no fibre optic lines within miles of where I live. So downloading a map of any size either takes way too...
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    Need help with offline mapping

    Tell me how that works when your internet speed is measured in kilobytes instead of megabytes?
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    Need help with offline mapping

    For your tablet or smart phone you'll need to download maps for whatever area you will be exploring. Those maps are generally huge in size - one of the reasons I gave up using a smart phone was that it took too long, with my internet connection to download any maps. So I'm talking the maps you...
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    Need help with offline mapping

    You cannot use Garmin-spec maps on a phone or tablet as far as I know. And Garmin units cannot use just any topo map - only Garmin spec ones. You cannot just download a USGS 7.5 topo map to a Garmin GPS and expect it to work. I also use a Delorme GPS - and their maps, while excellent, can be...
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    2011-2016 Ford F-250 SCSB 4x4 Gas 6.2 with Lance 865

    I'm with Jefe. My dually is a 2004, Cummins with the 6 speed NV5600 manual tranny. Rock solid drivetrain, dependable as the sunrise. I'll own this truck till I can no longer drive.
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    Need help with offline mapping

    Get a Garmin Montana and put it in an AMPS powered mount so it's always running off 12 volts. Then download whatever maps you want for free from, put them on a microSD card and stick it in the Montana. You'll not have to worry about maps again. I tried using a smart phone for...
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    Long road to nowhere.

    Traveling across the middle of Nevada....lots of moisture this year so the desert is a lovely green.