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    Tundra vs F150

    I checked out several. All had the center console and the salesman told me that's the way they all came. I've had a couple Toyota cars and was impressed with the dependability. Also the durability - I travel a lot of remote country and generally when I meet someone way back in the rough stuff...
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    Tundra vs F150

    When I was truck shopping in 2015 I tried out a lot of different trucks and finally narrowed it down to either Toyota or Ford. The Toyota mainly because of its reputation for dependability. But I went with the F150 because it just "fit" me better. I detest having a big console on my right...
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    Full sets of NA Gazetteers

    Problem with TOPO USA is how out-of-date, how inaccurate it is. Not only TOPO USA, but the Garmin 24k maps also. I have had both for years and constantly come across roads - good, maintained, bladed roads that have been in existence since I moved to Nevada 46 years ago - that are NOT on the...
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    Nevada Strip AKA Gold Butte National Monument

    Oak Grove and surroundings are around 6,000 feet in elevation so keep that in mind. This has been an exceptionally wet year so it may be a while before it all dries out. I've camped there a few times now but one time in the middle of May coming down from St George I had to turn around. The...
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    Repost: Diesel Is Making A Comeback

    What I want to see is some big city "banning" diesels...and then try to figure out how to feed their population when the 18 wheelers and trains (diesel/electric) can no longer enter city limits.......
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    22 BS thread

    I have a Ruger with the same problem. Only it dislikes Winchester. Works flawlessly with every other brand I've tried.
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    Side ladders are stupid: CHANGE MY MIND

    A side ladder would not live very long on my van. Too often by the time I'm where I want to camp the trees and tall brush have folded the mirrors against the doors and the sides of the van look like this.
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    Need help on picking a 3/4 ton

    ^This. I worked for a huge mining company for many years and they had literally hundreds of F250 and F350 Superduties. The later 5.4 V8 and 6.8 V10 engines, as well as the newer 6.2 gas engines were pretty much bulletproof. It used to amaze me to see how many of them made it to 300,000 and...
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    What do you put between your camper and truck bed?

    What the jefe said. Because I needed to raise the camper in the bed to clear the cab, I had to build a 3" high platform. To the top of the platform I glued rubber tool box liner which is thin but very grippy - the Bigfoot is all slick fiberglas and that keeps it from sliding around. And I...
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    Cell phone booster

    Not sure why you need cell service for navigation? If you are using a cell phone to navigate with, don't you download the maps you need before you take off on your trip? The cell phone should have its own GPS chip built in which doesn't rely on a cell signal. If nothing else, buy yourself a...
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    Opinions on vehicle / sleeping arrangements for small family

    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned using a van as a camper. Tons of room inside for a small family and no need to set up a tent that flaps in the wind all night. Much roomier than a camper shell on a truck or a Tahoe/Suburban. It's what I've been using since 1972. Some of the GM vans...
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    Gladiator configurator is live

    So where's the diesel engine they promised us??
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    Long road to nowhere.

    Traveling across northern Nevada just south of the Oregon/Idaho border. Somewhere in the distance is the South Fork of the Owyhee River. One of the only places in Nevada where no mountains are in view.
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    Real MPGs for your rig?

    You're not going to tell us which engine???