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    Price for 2006 Suzuki DR 200?

    I would think around $2000
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    Keep my Outback or buy a Tacoma?

    I trailer a bike in the PNW, and I get everywhere I want to go. BUT, carrying the bike in a pickup does allow you to go faster on rough roads to access more remote trailheads. I have to creep along sometimes with the trailer.
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    E-350 wiring question - tapping in to Smart Junction Box (SJB)

    Ford has additional resources online at There is a large Body Builder's Layout Book, and then SVE Bulletins for specific things. I found one Q-92 that shows the location of many electrical items. Good luck!
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    Small vs big

    We looked hard at smaller vans, but ended up with an E250 RB/high top. It's all about flat floor length vs. sleeping area. I am over 6 feet tall, so with the bed down, we still have almost 4 feet of length left open. I believe an Astro has about 2 feet less length. That basically means when...
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    New older vehicle for the lady. Suv hunt

    Just wait until you see how much space all the baby iron takes up, not to mention a future baby. Bottom line, she needs a minivan. Whether you or she want to be seen in a minivan, that is the question. But truly they are the king of space utilization.
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    To Tiger or not to Tiger...

    Did you ever get a Tiger? I switched from an old style WeeStrom to a Tiger 800 Roadie. Even though the specs on the bikes are very similar, I liked riding the Tiger a LOT more. Handling, riding position, and of course the motor were all just "right" for me. The Tiger had a Madstad windscreen...
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    Naches Wagon Trail to WABDR

    Wow. I thought it was more of a gasgas road?
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    A Question On Soft Sided Bags

    On my road bikes I've just used throw over soft saddlebags. They can move a bit but it hasn't affected handling, even on gravel roads. A mc is heavier than a pedal bike maybe its not as important. On my dirt bikes I don't like panniers or racks because they run over my legs and get hung up on...
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    Tall Double Sleeping Bags?

    We like this one. We use it in our heated van, its' only rated to +30. Kelty Supernova
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    FS: 2008 Suzuki V-Strom 650 - Kennewick, WA

    Bike is in good condition with 21,000 miles. Asking $3,900. Please pm if interested.
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    Are sliding cargo doors really that bad?

    We've had both and prefer the barn doors. #1 My wife has trouble opening and closing the slider due to the weight. Game over. - The slider makes more noise when you have to go out in the middle of the night in a campground. - You can go in and out of one barn door and let less cold air...
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    Chevy/GMC Vans Over Ford Vans

    We did some research on ford and Chevy for 2wd conversions. For us, it came down to powertrain choice. The Chevy 4.8 liter was too small and the 6 liter too big and hungry. The ford 5.4 seems just right. Other things we noticed about the chervy - the side walls looked easier to install a diy...
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    Interior material question

    Ensolite? Sounds like Ensolite or Armaflex. It is used for sound deadening in autos.
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    does anyone have a manual transmission in their ford (or other) van?

    We had a late 70's/early 80's Ford with a 5.8L and 4 on the floor. I never looked at the clutch linkage but doubt it was hydraulic. It was real stiff...
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    a few questions about onboard propane...

    We had an older camper van that had a loose 20lb propane system. On one trip we filled the tank with cold propane (it was cold outside). As the tank heated up inside the van, the pressure relief opened up and spewed propane gas into the van. The RV type tanks are designed to be for mounted on...