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    Big Booty Judy - 2014 DC Tundra Build

    Been enjoying your progress — lurking to learn for my upcoming Tundra to support an Ordered Ovrlnd poptop shell. Been using a 10lb CO2 tank for my Tacoma, but will travel longer/more in a Tundra with camper, so been researchIng OBA. Saw the Rago mount a while ago and my first thought was HTH do...
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    2018 Sprinter 2500 4x4 144WB, low roof with many high quality components

    Can you comment on how the Lizard Skin worked out for you? I have an uninsulated poptop shell on order, and have been investigating this as a first layer. Did you do the apply? Has it been effective thermally? Sorry I’m not interested in your Sprinter, but it seems really nice. Free bump at...
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    Stitch and glue Lightweight platform update

    Was there ever a final weight on the OP's project? I read and searched the thread and couldn’t find it. I’m wondering how it might compare to an 8020 frame with Coroplast sides and a 1/8” Ply and foam core sandwich top panel? Or hollow core door panel. Anybody ever try that? Regardless, really...
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    For Sale- AT Flippac Camper Shell for 5' short bed Tacoma, with Fiamma f5 awning- $5500

    Would this fit a 2nd gen 5ft bed Tacoma? Would mods be necessary?
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    Vagabond Drifter for Sale

    I might be interested. Still for sale? What has to be done to fit a 2nd gen? How are you using the windoor? I’m curious cause I see a lot of drivers side only? I would think you’d want it on the P side away from traffic and under the awning? Do you know if a drivers side windoor can be...
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    Do Full Sized Vehicles Make Good Overland Cars?

    This has been a useful tool for me, up to a point. I like that it combines the NHTSA information with complaints to the website. Seems pretty objective and let’s one see clear patterns. Sadly, there’s no attempt to show a ratio of issues to volume of vehicles...
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    Why SO many used late model RAM 2500s available?

    I was wondering if we’d start to see this happening sometime soon. Makes sense as many of them are just 3, 4, or 5K miles. Too new really to be having much trouble. They sure are listing for high prices. The ones I saw in Phoenix were overwhelmingly Bighorns. Yeah, thought that maybe too, so I...
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    Why SO many used late model RAM 2500s available?

    Looking around for a full size, maybe HD, truck for pop-up shell/camper. I noticed on Autotrader today there literally hundreds of used, 2019, 4x4, gas, RAM 2500s for sale in Phoenix. They are typically under 10k miles, and mostly at dealers. Do they have so many problems people are turning them...
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    Nanuq - 2019 Power Wagon

    If you can’t find an aftermarket product, Coroplast is easy to work with, lightweight but tough and durable. It can be heat shaped with a heat gun. It’s flexible, so won’t take weight. Can buy small sheets at Home Depot. Could easily fashion something in an hour. I use a small piece in my winch...
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    Double cab long bed Taco vs. double cab Tundra

    FWIW, my relatively well, but not over, built 2nd gen DCSB Tacoma goes anywhere I want to go, but it’s not a Rubicon with 1 tons and 37s. It’s been a great platform for exploring the Southwest and I love it, but looking to move to a Tundra. Why? I need to be more comfortable. At 6’2” with some...
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    For Sale: Highly modified/updated 2015 Taxa Cricket, Denver, CO

    We were up to the design phase on TetonX's wait list (that was after the Cricket investigations) and backed out due to the mentioned late in the process realization of lack of trailer desire. We visited with Kyle and Lindsey twice at Expo in Flag (we’re in Phoenix) and twice in St George. Saw...
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    XPCamper V1 on Dodge 5.9 Cummins 4x4 $85000

    I’d be all over this if it wasn’t a diesel. It’s a very nice rig And so tempting. Have been inside a similar one, they are sweet. I have some mild asthma so the diesel exhaust is a problem. Pus I’m no mechanic. Is the flat bed so specific to your truck it couldn’t be move to another HD truck?
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    For Sale: Highly modified/updated 2015 Taxa Cricket, Denver, CO

    18 mos ago woulda been all over this… up until the time my wife nixed a trailer. We almost bought a new one, but had qualms about ruggedness for where we want to go — which seems like you’ve modified away quite well. How does it trailer on the road? And what are you gonna replace it with?
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    The “Puller” Project

    Really great clean looking build. Functional and beautiful too! I’ve been learning a lot for my upcoming pop-up camper build out. I thought the Hiatus campers looked great, but was surprised to see their website saying they weren’t even going to do any new builds until July 2021. I have an...
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    Yeti Overland’s Tundra OVRLND Camper build

    Thanks, that’s encouraging feedback. I still may consider 35s to start, hold the locker to see if the diff needs to be opened for one or both upgrades and then regear and add a locker if I find one or the other a problem. IMO the A-trac in the second gen Tacoma’s is good as is, and I probably...