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    Experiences with running fridge off main car battery overnight for a few nights in a row?

    I've done it and you can make it work. You may have to give up some fridge space for frozen water bottles to make last all 4 days. I usually pre-freeze a layer of water bottles to about 0F a few days before the trip (must be solidly frozen). Then set the temp setting at it's lowest setting...
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    why are rooftop tents so expensive?

    Everyone who's bought a RTT has thought the same thing, I know I did. I've always been one of those people who thought "I could do this myself" and then tried. I even went through the trouble of designing my own thinking I could probably build it cheaper. However anyone who's ever started a...
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    CJ-5 Hard Sided Camper

    Here’s a walkthrough of one
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    Curious what the "best" Subaru, new or old, for an overland build.

    I love my old Suby, an 01 Forester. One of my favorite cars, even though I don't drive it anymore I still keep it around just for sentimental reasons. These pics were taken almost 15 years and 200K miles apart, but it still runs like new. They're great on the highway, handles like a car and...
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    Costco has a RTT

    Because with a RTT, you can. Then you can literally and figuratively look down on those poor land lubbers stuck in their ground tents on dry land, while you strike a Captain Morgan pose on top of your hood and haughtily laugh in their general direction. I have always wanted to setup camp in a...
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    Holes in plywood platform

    I agree with this. You can calculate how much weight you're saving, but I've done the calculations and personally I didn't think it was worth the effort.
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    Question to fridge owners - Do you leave it “running” in cold ambient temps?

    Had mine in the car a few weekends ago, low of 5F and a high or maybe 25-30F. Fridge just doesn't cycle very much but didn't do any harm.
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    Roof Top Real Estate w/ options. . . . . Worth the price tag?

    I have the FR rack with the RTT mounting brackets. Works fine without any additional support or accessories, they raise the tent just enough to clear the lip.
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    On board air VS Portable compressor VS Powertank/CO2

    If you're not in a rush any of the smaller 12V compressors work fine. I've used an MV50 for the last 10+ years and have never had a problem with them. Recently got a Viair 88P which is about the same performance. Usually takes me about 10-15 minutes to air up. More money gives you faster...
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    Your Sleeing Setup...

    My kids and wife love the RTT. They love sleeping in it so much that I usually get kicked out of the tent and have to sleep outside. Being up high gives them a sense of security that they're not afraid to stay there on their own.
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    Goose Gear (worth it?)

    How much is your time worth? I looked at the goose gear stuff and thought, “Looks pretty simple, I could probably make this myself.” So I did. And like every other project I undertake, by the time I finish I realize maybe buying it isn’t such a bad deal. Even though it looks pretty simple...
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    Electrical & Wiring - older vehicle theory vs. modern ideas

    I don’t know what type of batteries you’re using, but I have a aux battery connected to my main starting battery through about 12ft of 10 ga wire and I’ve never seen it pull more than 9-10 amp even when fully discharged to near 0%. Even then it drops pretty quickly as the voltage drop...
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    So would you wheel it?
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    I think that was it. It's more of a showcase for the company's abilities than an actual overlanding/expedition vehicle. For that purpose I think it's pretty cool. It's like most of the cars you'd see at SEMA, something that has all the bells and whistles but not actually meant to have a...