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    brake lighting on a M-416 question

    Yes those lights will plug right in. You may have to space your taillight brackets a little from the frame for clearance for them. Depending on your harness you may not have a blackout stoplight wire for the driver's side (not a big deal for 99% of owners, probably 100% on this forum).
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    Craigslist find M416 Atlanta, GA area

    That's a great deal, it's actually a WWII trailer not an m416.
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    Civilian tires on m416 trailer: issues with valve stem?

    The typical rubber valve stems should work, just make sure you've got the right size stem for the opening in the wheel. Something like this (I'm not sure if these are the right size though)...
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    Civilian tires on m416 trailer: issues with valve stem?

    The valve stem is loose from the rim because the military tires use inner tubes. If you're going to run tires tubeless you'll need to pick up a couple valve stems from an auto parts store and put those in the wheels. I've run tubeless tires on these wheels before with no problems.
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    new 416's?

    Military MB-T trailers as well as the similar m100 trailers are a few inches narrower than m416s; they are all the same length though.
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    Military Lunette Thin Shaft

    The thin style lunette pictured was used on WWII 1/4 ton trailers (and some m100s). Anything WWII specific equals more money to collectors. The price is high but it's not super crazy.
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    Yes I still have both trailers for sale. Thanks, Jon

    Yes I still have both trailers for sale. Thanks, Jon
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    M416 trailer initial build help

    The older trailers only have two crossmembers, while the newer ones had three. The are differences in how the tub mounts to the frame as well. The one I had with two crossmembers used 3 bolts at the top of each fender (most use 1), and it had 4 tabs on each side holding the tub to the frame...
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    need help identifying M101 trailer

    All m101 trailers had parking brakes. The bolt pattern is not an a1 pattern, the axle has been changed at some point. The frame also looks to be heavily modified. The a-frame on an m101 series trailer sits underneath the frame, on this one it is level with the frame and welded. Also there...
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    Running NDT tires tubeless

    Got pics of the wheels? Every m100 I've seen doesn't use "split rims" or lock ring style wheels. If your wheels are stock you should be able to run tubeless tires fine, as long as they aren't leaking around the rivets.
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    Is this a M416?

    It's not an m100, it looks like a civilian Bantam to me.
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    Utah M416a1 trailer slow build

    The hubs on an a1 are commercial 3500lb with regular bearings so it should be easy to change them for a different bolt pattern. There is a post on a forum that I can't remember where someone has done it but hasn't posted pics.
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    Utah M416a1 trailer slow build

    The surge assembly is unique to the m416a1, but the internal parts and lunette itself are the same as m101a2s and a3s and are easily obtained. Its worth something to somebody, especially since the tongue is often removed or altered (in an way that can't be fixed unlike yours). Nice trailer.
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    M101-A2 - Finatic trailer build

    Nice, looks like an a2 on the later heavy frame to me though. Chances are it's an older a1 box or they put an a1 dataplate on it.
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    M101A2 jitter stop

    Its not that bad, just have at it. Check the parts diagram while you work.