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    Looking for 100 series

    I agree, my 2005 100 is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I lived with a 1984 Fj60 for 21 years prior and loved it but the 100 has all the great qualities of the 60 but can be driven on Interstate Highways. The Slee Offroad site has a great summary of the 100 series. The only problem with...
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    Second gen Tacoma tire size

    I notice there is also an increase in wt from 44lb (265/75) in load range C to 50lb in E, which will possibly be noticed with my auto 4 cyl already challenged by the increase in diameter from OE. After considering all your opinions, and my usage, I will go with Toyo AT2 LT265/75 16 in C...
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    Second gen Tacoma tire size

    Thanks daveindenver, 265/75 16s are my second choice as they are the same diameter. I like the narrower look of the 235s, but since 99 percent of my driving is on pavement. 265/75s are probably more practical.
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    Second gen Tacoma tire size

    My original Grandtreks (245/75 16) are about ready to be replaced on my 4 cyl 2015 Tacoma 4WD. I am considering Open Country A/T2 in 235/85 16, which should be .5 in narrower, 1.2 in taller, and 12lb/tire heavier. I will be keeping my steel wheels. Has anyone done that and if so what are your...
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    FJ60 roof rack clamps

    Hey Brit KLR, I love those wheels! Can those be fabricated to fit a 100 series.
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    New to G-Wagens, 2004? Yay or Naye?

    I bought a 2007 G500 and sold my Toyota 60. I had my G500 for 10 years and loved it, with only a $900.00 window regulator failure. The problem for me was the lack of aftermarket support, and the lack of a tailgate which is very handy when camping. I finally sold it in 2017 and bought a 50K...
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    FJ60 roof rack clamps

    No longer have my 60 but when I did I had a custom rack fabricated using Yakima gutter mount towers. They are made of high strength nylon and worked great w/o damage to gutters. I used 5 per side to distribute the wt as much as possible.
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    Alright, whose PIG is this?

    Not mine but I would be happy if it was!
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    What is the best year for the 100 series Land Cruiser?

    A good source of info is the Slee Offroad site which give a summary of the differences for each year of LC and LX.
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    Would I be stupid to consider this trade?

    The cheapest car to own is the one you already have. Investing in your LX is most likely more cost effective than buying an unknown vehicle. This is a general rule of car ownership, although there are always exceptions.
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    1994 Land Cruiser "barn find" 18k miles (no pics)

    There are a few variables to consider. Was it stored with some care and foresight, or was it "parked" after a collision. Was it kept in a climate controlled environment or a damp barn. The difference is important as many low mileage vehicles are subject to deterioration due to bad storage...
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    I've asked this in the past but with new members and all, do any of you drive stock rigs?

    I may not go rock crawling but my Slee'd 100 is perfect for long distance travel over any terrain, even if 95% is paved! You are right, of course, but everybody has their own taste and that is what makes it interesting with all the different build ideas.
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    In 2007, I sold my LC 60 series and bought a new G500. I kept it for 10 years and it was a great vehicle. The only failure was the RR window regulator, $950.00 at the Bend MBZ dealer. Service cost at the dealer can be expensive at $900.00 for the B service. Last year I sold it and bought a...
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    Land Cruiser converts, please weigh in on your post-conversion thoughts

    I sold my LC 60 in 2007 and bought a new G500. I loved the G500 and it was very capable in all conditions. Owning it for 10 years, it only needed a LR window regulator replaced ($930) which seemed expensive. The other issue was routine dealer service (every other service) was $900.00. The...
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    200 Series Newbie Questions

    The "people" he is referring to are probably LC aficionados who think the last real LC available in the states was the 100 or 80 series and deride the 200 as a mall crawler that looks like a Sequoia but 2X as expensive. I have to admit they have a point, though I am biased as a devoted 100 fan...